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Clean, minimalist, backed by Science and ethically driven are the attributes that typify CALECIM® Professional’s range of skin and hair care.

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Clean, minimalist, backed by Science and ethically driven are the attributes that typify CALECIM® Professional’s range of skin and hair care.

Clean beauty is one of the fastest growing trends in the beauty care space.1 According to a report in The Washington Post, the demand for clean beauty products coincided with the rise of the broader wellness movement, specifically the clean eating lifestyle that embraces unrefined and minimally processed foods. It has also been fueled by awareness of the tougher regulations that govern cosmetics in certain parts of the world, reports the article.2 The European Union, for example, has banned almost 1,300 chemicals in cosmetics, a category that encompasses makeup, lotions, hair dyes, deodorants, nail polish, shaving cream and other beauty products.3 

While sceptics may denounce the movement as a marketing ploy, customers today are undeniably more conscious of what they put in and on their bodies, and the impact it can have on their health and well-being. Accordingly, consumers are taking a much closer look at the products that are part of their daily lives. This is borne out by the number of CALECIM® Professional’s users who write in to check if the ingredients in the products are allergy-free, safe and ethically sourced.

Given that there is no regulatory definition of the term ‘clean beauty’, companies are free to give their own spin on it. CALECIM® Professional’s take on it is: skin and haircare products that are free of harmful chemicals, pure, minimalist and eco-conscious.

No Harmful Chemicals

Certain chemicals in skincare have been linked to a range of health issues, including skin irritation, allergies and even cancer. CALECIM® Professional ensures its products – from the Professional Serum to the Advanced Hair System - are free of nasty chemicals. The products are minimalist, making use of a central ingredient backed by science. Created by scientists and produced in a stem cell lab, they are trusted by doctors.

The Advanced Hair System, for example, is used in hair clinics around the world for its quickresults and efficacy as well as the fact that it has zero side-effects. The key ingredient —PTT-6 — is developed using a proprietary technology and is derived from the cord lining of free-range red deer. The mesenchymal stem cell-derived signalling and growth factors in theserum are able to influence hair growth by reducing scalp-derived inflammatory proteins, restoring normal hair follicle cycle, conditioning scalp skin and providing hair follicle support. On top of its effectiveness, both doctors and consumers value it for its lack of adverse effects — a huge plus for those suffering from hair loss due to ill health, stress and aging.

Why Clean Skincare is Better for Sensitive Skin Types

Unsurprisingly, the purity of the products is greatly appreciated by users. This is noteworthy especially in the case of the Advanced Hair System taking into account the hair growth market where products are loaded with harmful chemicals that can give rise to terrible side-effects. The purity of the Advanced Hair System is one reason it is being used by doctors in clinics around the world to treat hair loss.

The same can be said of CALECIM® Professional’s skincare products. As they are free of harmful chemicals and fragrances, the creams and serums are suitable even for sensitive and traumatized skin. They can be applied on skin undergoing changes during menopause as well as other types of transitional skin. In fact, many customers have left reviews on the consumers’ review site TrustPilot, sharing their encounters on their experience with topical steroid withdrawal and eczema, and how the Professional Serum had helped them. The active ingredient in the Professional Serum, PTT-6, has been proven many times to be highly effective in reducing post-procedure inflammation and can be found in thousands of aesthetic clinics around the world. It is also rejuvenative as the stem cell proteins can help with skin cell regeneration.


Besides the concern with “free-from beauty”, there has also been a shift towards a higher consumer focus on sustainability. Respect for the environment is an attribute CALECIM® Professional holds dear. As such, the conditioned media from the umbilical lining of red deer is harvested in an extremely eco-conscious manner as a substantial amount of stem cells and stem cell extract can be derived from one umbilical cord. There is also concern about using cruelty-free products. Addressing this, the extraction of PTT-6 is ethically derived with no harm, pain or distress inflicted to to animals or humans.

Also, some chemicals found in beauty products like sodium lauryl sulfate are harmful to the environment. Not only do they irritate skin but they also wreak havoc on marine life once they enter the ocean.4 Being free of such chemicals thus further enhances the eco-friendliness of CALECIM® Professional’s cosmeceutical line.

Beyond packaging and brand statement, CALECIM® Professional is committed to making safe products that deliver real results and are devoid of ingredients linked to harmful health effects. Beyond that, the company is one that cares for the environment, prioritizing ingredients that are ethically sourced and cruelty-free. 

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