Am I using ethically sourced stem cells in my skincare?

There is probably more excitement around the potential of stem cells in skin care research than in any other development. CellResearchCorp, the company that developed CALECIM® Professional, has been a pioneer in ethical, sustainable stem cell research for two decades. For more clarity, here’s a look into how CellResearchCorp sources its cord lining stem cells for cosmeceutical use, and their role in revolutionizing anti-aging.

"CALECIM® is produced from the stem cells found in the umbilical cord lining of red deer, organically and ethically raised in New Zealand. The umbilical cord, which connects the calf to its mother, is typically discarded or disposed of after birth. Harvesting this "medical waste” does not involve any harm to mother or calf."
The best stem cell source 

Based in Singapore, CellResearchCorp harvests stem cells from the umbilical cord lining of red deer for the production of CALECIM® Professional, the aftercare of choice by many dermatologists and plastic surgeons worldwide. These red deer are organically and ethically raised in New Zealand. CellResearchCorp chose red deer as its source of umbilical cord lining for CALECIM® Professional as there are no known diseases that are transmitted from deer to humans.

The red deer are free ranging on the farm, where they are reared for the antler velvet they naturally shed. The velvet is also used as an ingredient in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine.

The umbilical cord, which connects the calf to its mother, is typically discarded or disposed of after birth. While harvesting this “medical waste” does not involve any harm to mother or calf, many countries have laws that prohibit products with human-derived ingredients. This is why CellResearchCorp uses mammalian umbilical cords from red deer to produce CALECIM® instead.

CellResearchCorp is, however, able to use human umbilical cord lining stem cells for the production of medical products for wound healing, which is its other business line currently undergoing USFDA approval.

All mammals share similar signalling proteins, including those released by stem cells which are used to communicate with other cells. Red deer cord lining stem cell proteins used in CALECIM® thus also have regenerative and restorative effects on human skin. Ultimately, the results from using CALECIM® Professional products speak for themselves.

Ethical and organically derived stem cells 

The placenta-umbilical cord complex, routinely discarded after the birth of a child, only became interesting as a source of stem cells about 30 years ago. Initially, it was thought that stem cells were only found in cord blood, but we now know that the entire complex is an important stem cell repository.

In 2004, scientists at CellResearchCorp discovered stem cells in the outermost lining of the umbilical cord- called the cord lining membrane. The cord lining membrane has now been demonstrated to be the richest source of both epithelial and mesenchymal stem cells in mammals. This discovery and the proprietary media used to grow the stem cells was patented, as was all downstream therapies arising from the use of these cells and their derivatives.

To date, CellResearchCorp has been awarded patent protection in 41 territories around the world.

Unlike other stem cell sources such as bone marrow and fat tissue, the umbilical cord lining offers an extremely high yield of neonatal stem cells. These cells are not only found in much higher quantities than other sources, but they are also more robust and powerful compared to adult stem cells. Nurtured in the lab, cord lining stem cells secrete a mixture of skin-restoring proteins and biochemicals, which we call PTT-6®.

The power of stem cell derived growth factors and exosomes

With an abundant supply of ethically sourced stem cells on hand, CALECIM® Cosmeceuticals is able to formulate products with consistently high concentrations of active ingredients at prices discerning patients can appreciate. The youthful quality of the cord lining stem cells also ensures CALECIM® Professional serums and creams are more potent than other stem cell products on the market.

What makes PTT-6® so effective is the reparative and regenerative signals it sends in the form of growth factors and exosomes. Because these signals/messages are created by mammalian stem cells, our human skin cells are able to decipher and follow their directions to heal, rejuvenate, and restore themselves to optimal skin health. Basically, our skin cells ‘re-learn’ how to behave like young skin again. These signals in CALECIM® initiate the rapid healing, cell proliferation and cell turnover effects seen in the laboratory. On human subjects, the results are nothing short of miraculous. But of course, we know that it is merely Science at its best.

To find out more about our patents and stem cell sourcing, visit the CellResearchCorp.

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