PTT-6® has inspired radical change in procedures, clinical practices and the CALECIM® community.

Find out from medical professionals, industry experts, beauty editors and journalists on how CALECIM® has made a difference to their approach to skin and hair care.
“This 6-week treatment plan has given me the quickest results in any hair health product that I have used.”


“We encourage all our patients to use CALECIM® Serum post-operatively for all ablative and fractional ablative laser procedures for over 3 years now. It reduces healing time, our infection rate is minimal and outcomes are excellent — including reduced scarring.”

Dr. Malcolm Willis

The Doctors Laser Clinic, Norwich, UK

“The Professional Serum - I call this my Love Potion N9. I only need a few drops of this too.”

Desi Stark


“CALECIM® is scientifically proven to reduce skin laxity and even skin tone and is at the forefront of my mind as a recommendation to all my patients, who are seeking firmer, fuller, more luminous skin”

Adrian Baker

Lumiere MediSpa, Oxford, UK

“The one product that delivered the quickest results. I had no idea that one little bottle packed so much punch! ”

Jenny Wu


“Our overall wellness is important - Our skin is our first barrier of defence when it comes to protecting our bodies.”

Claudia Rolnick


“Both my husband and my 79-year-old dad use Calecim's hair regrowth system and have had really impressive results. My dad is astonished that at his stage in life a simple serum could create such a visible difference to his balding patch.  ”

Clare Johnstone


“CALECIM® Professional products give me reliable results and visible improvements in my clients' skin. Recovery time is reduced allowing clients to resume their social activities quicker and with more confidence. CALECIM® products nurture and support my skin rejuvenation treatments. ”

Diane Nivern

Diane Nivern Clinic, Manchester, UK

“I’ve personally benefitted from CALECIM®’s stem cell technology with its healing and repair properties, that’s why I don’t hesitate to recommend it to all my patients.”

Margaret Hill

Dermatec Aesthetics, Dunston, UK

"CALECIM's Advanced Hair System – This Stuff Works!"

Mary Helow


“I really feel like I have found the answer to flawless, taut skin! ”

Gabi Soares


“With the right candidates, I’ve found CALECIM® Advanced Hair System delivers excellent results even in patients who were unresponsive to Minoxidil.”

Kelly Morrell

Scalp Confidential, London, UK

"CALECIM®'s unique elixir of proteins and growth factors is my secret weapon from every day skincare to optimizing my procedure results. My post-procedure go-to product is Professional Serum; my choice for every day skin care is Multi Action Cream - I use it twice daily myself and would not be without it!"

Dr. Julia Sen

Dr. Julia Sen, Worcester, UK

“After 3 weeks I could see new hair sprouting, which was exciting, after 6 weeks my hair was looking thicker. After 12 weeks of usage, I could really see my hair looking thicker, glossier, and becoming more resilient.”

Georgie Wolfinden


“I LOVE the Multi-Action Cream. You will physically see reversed aging rather than anti-aging.”

Despina Alves


“If you are looking to lift, tighten firm and create that jawline that you start to lose as you get older, look no further. This is truly the best of the best of the products in terms of firming your skin.”

Brianna Stanko


“I am selective when I choose to partner with brands and companies, I always look for gold standard treatment modalities and products whether in devices, injectables or skincare. CALECIM® fits the bill — it has transformed my practice with its remarkable, fast acting reparative benefits and has allowed me greater comfort in performing aggressive procedures safely while optimizing patient results.”

Tapan Patel

PHI Clinic, London, UK

“At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, we are proud to pair our rejuvenation procedures with CALECIM®’s products to give our patients natural-looking results that help them look and feel their best.”

Dr. Mitch Goldman

Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, San Diego, California

“The powers of the growth factors and exosomes in CALECIM® Professional have transformed our post-procedure results and patient's recovery, making treatments a far more pleasant experience for them. The improvement in hair restoration using the Advanced Hair System has also been incredible to see, especially at such a good price point compared to other alternatives.”

Dr. Carlos Escobar

The Axis Clinic, London, UK

This is the first time that stem cell growth factors and exosomes are used topically for the promotion of healthier skin.

Dr. Mitch Goldman

Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, San Diego, California