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1800 Coins

Giant Professional Serum plushee

Giant Professional Serum plushee

2500 Coins(No redemption required.
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Free Box of
Professional Serum (6x5ml)

Free Box of Professional Serum (6x5ml)

3000 Coins

Welcome to MyCALECIM®
Rewards Club

It's free to join and it's filled with super generous benefits and gifts!
Simply gain entry to the Club by subscribing to start enjoying your exclusive Club privileges

How It Works

1. Join

Join to start earning points

2. Earn

Purchase products and
earn CALECIM® Coins.

US$1 spent = 1 CALECIM® Coin earned

3. Redeem

Redeem CALECIM® Coins for exclusive rewards in a few simple steps:

  1. Open the widget and redeem chosen reward
  2. Apply the redemption code
  3. Add chosen reward to the cart
  4. Your free reward will be reflected at checkout

Get Ready to Redeem!

You can redeem your rewards (free products and gifts) when placing an order.

Your rewards gift will be sent together with your purchase. Rewards discounts can be used anytime.

How to Earn

Start Shopping

US$1 spent = 1 CALECIM® Coin earned

Like us on Facebook

20 CALECIM® Coins

Follow us on Instagram

20 CALECIM® Coins

Refer a Friend

You get: 300 CALECIM® Coins
Your friend gets: 10% off discount code

Enter Your Birthday

100 CALECIM® Coins

MyCALECIM® Rewards Club

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I earn CALECIM® Coins?

You can earn CALECIM® Coins by:

  • Making a product purchase – every US$1 spent equals to 1 CALECIM® Coin
  • Following us on Instagram – 20 coins
  • Following us on Facebook – 20 coins
  • Referring a friend – 300 coins
  • Entering your birthday – 100 coins

CALECIM® Coins will be credited to your account within 1 day after you have completed any of the above actions.

For new customers who have just created an account, CALECIM® Coins earned from Entering Your Birthday will only be awarded after 1 month.

2. How does the redemption process work?

Example: redeeming Multi-Action Cream 20g reward

You'll first need to login to your account or join the MyCALECIM® Rewards Club.

Open the MyCALECIM® widget to exchange your Coins for a selected reward. For product rewards (e.g. CALECIM® Headband), you will be given a redemption code which can be applied at checkout to get the product reward for free.

Next, add the product reward to your cart from the Rewards Gallery above. Do not forget this step!

Note: Product rewards (e.g. CALECIM® Headband) can only be redeemed together in an order with another product, as the redeemed items will be shipped together with your order. Discount code rewards (e.g. 15% off or 25% off) can be redeemed anytime.

CALECIM® Plushee is a special milestone reward, you can redeem it once anytime after you attain 2,500 CALECIM® coins.

3. When will I receive my CALECIM® Coins?

After making a purchase:
CALECIM® Coins will be credited to your account within 1 day.

After entering your birthday:
CALECIM® Coins will be credited to your account on the date of your birthday. However for new customers who have just created an account, if your birthday falls within 1 month from the account signup date, you will receive CALECIM® Coins the following year instead.

4. Will my CALECIM® Coins expire?

CALECIM® Coins are active for 12 months; they only expire if your account has been inactive for 12 months – meaning you haven’t made a purchase.

5. Can my CALECIM® Coins be redeemed in clinics?

CALECIM® Coins can only be redeemed for rewards and free products in our online shop at the moment.

6. Can I redeem multiple rewards at a time?

You can only redeem one reward at the time as only one discount code can be applied for one order.

7. Can I redeem my rewards first, but choose to add them to cart later?

Yes you can, your redemption codes will be held for 1 year until you choose to redeem them in your next order. You can view your unused redemption codes in the widget by going to the "Your Rewards" section (you must be logged in to see this).