CALECIM® Professional has developed a hair health system that is natural, effective and safe, with proven results within 6 weeks. Find out how stem cell science can help you regain your hair confidence.

Understanding hair science

How does PTT-6® work on your hair follicles to deliver such rapid results?

Is this hair treatment for you?

Which stage of hair loss are you at? And would this program work for you.


Stage 1: Anagen (Growth)
Anagen is the period of active cell division and noticeable hair growth. Throughout the hair cycle, about 90% of all your hair follicles are in the anagen phase and can remain in this phase anywhere from 2 to 8 years.
Stage 2: Catagen (Regression)
During this period which takes place over 2 to 3 weeks, cell production is halted, and the hair follicle shrinks. The hair shaft begins to separate from the bottom of the follicle and forms what is referred to as club hair. Club hair keeps the hair in the follicle till the new hair growth cycle starts over and new strands push out the club hair.
Stage 3: Telogen (Resting)
Telogen marks the end of hair production as the follicle undergoes dormancy or cell quiescence. The follicle can remain dormant for up to 3 months with the hair club intact. People with thinning hair may have more hair follicles at this stage and notice more than usual hair shedding.
Stage 4: Exogen (Shedding)
Coupled with the telogen phase, exogen is when the hairs fall out of the follicle. For those with a healthy hair growth cycle, new hair should begin to grow in the follicle as it returns to the anagen phase.
Maintaining healthy hair cycle
In a normal hair cycle, majority of follicles should be in anagen phase. Only 10% are in catagen and telogen phase. In cases of hair loss, there appears to be a dysfunction and imbalance in hair cycling which results in reduced length of anagen phase, and increased proportion of catagen / telogen phase.  
The papilla (hair bulb area of the follicle responsible for hair production) is believed to be the orchestrator of the hair growth process, and conducts the precise signals that determine the size, color and productivity of the hair shaft, as well as dictates how the hair cycle functions.  
Cell messaging treatments for hair thinning work by sending signals to the dermal papilla to trigger cell activity and regain a healthy hair growth cycle.


These may include genetic tendencies, aging, hormonal changes, diet, UV radiation and pollution exposure. These stimuli affect regular hair cycle and hair follicle recovery by exerting these effects on the follicle:
Cell Death
Inflammation around hair follicle
Release of damaging free radicals

Stages of hair loss

Stage 1

Hair Growth stops

Stage 2

Hair follicles shrink

Stage 3

Hair follicles become inactive

Stage 4

Hair follicles shrink further and regular hair growth is replaced with very fine discolored hair


Scientists have found that stem cell derived growth factors, exosomes and proteins are able to re-invigorate dormant and sluggish hair follicles, restoring healthy hair cycle and accelerating hair follicle cell production.

Signs of inflammation on the scalp that cause follicle death are also effectively managed.



weeks validated efficacy


ethically and naturally derived
Effective for both men and women

Based on clinical observations of over 100 patients treated by dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners with Advanced Hair System and microneedling.

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  • Prolong hair growth phase

    Essential nutrients present in PTT-6® encourage follicles to thrive at this stage of development

  • Encourage hair follicle cell growth

    In-vitro results show that follicle cell production is increased by 24% when exposed to PTT-6®

  • Simulate hair follicle development

    Powerful growth factors and exosomes message dormant follicles, reactivating them and regulating a healthy hair cycle

  • Manage signs of inflammation + hormonal cues that trigger follicle cell death

    The concentration of inflammatory cues was reduced by 30x when exposed to PTT-6®. Inflammation is an underlying cause of follicle cell death and many types of hair loss.


PTT-6® is rigorously researched to ensure that its positive results on hair can be objectively measured.

Results from in-vitro tests to determine efficacy of PTT-6® on growth simulation on primary human dermal papilla cells, a mesenchymal cell lineage isolated from the hair papilla of normal human scalp follicles. Study conducted and designed by Singapore Polytechnic.

Read why you should reduce inflammation to regrow hair


Yes! The difference is real. With this data, we now know for sure.


increase in hair width for new and existing hairs


increase in hair count


increase in number of active hair follicle per sq cm of scalp

Results derived from human test subjects to determine changes in follicular units per sqcm, intra-follicular distance, hair count per sqcm, and hair width when PTT-6® is topically applied for a duration of 12 weeks. Study conducted and designed by Yuvell Clinical Trial Centre.

Read the full report


The rate and speed of success is highly dependent on the stage of hair loss.

When treatment is started at an earlier stage, visible benefits can be observed within 6 weeks.

For others, the first 6 weeks of treatment help prep the scalp for hair regrowth though visible growth may not be apparent yet. There may be noticeable decrease in hair shedding and scalp inflammation.

Our clinical collaborators recommend the Advanced Hair System for these stages of hair loss:


For Males: Stage 1-5

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5


For Females: Stage I to II

Stage I:1

Stage I:2

Stage I:3

Stage I:4

Stage II:1

Stage II:2

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Clinicians have found that women tend to respond more quickly than men when they start the Advanced Hair System.

Their recommendation for usage is:

  • 6 weeks Treatment Program (2 x application / week for 6 weeks) followed by

  • 3 months Maintenance Program (1 x application / week for 3 months)

  • 12 weeks Treatment Program (2 x application / week for 12 weeks) followed by

  • 3 months Maintenance Program (1 x application / week for 3 months)

These are broad recommendations and highly dependent on the stage of hair loss when treatment begins. For more severe cases of hair loss in women, an initial 2 x Treatment Program may be required.



Clinical observation by Dr Sophie Shotter & Kelly Morrell, 6 weeks usage



Clinical observation by scalp technician and aesthetic practitioner Kelly Morrell, 6 months usage


Robust clinical data by medical professionals make up the core of our brand.

This is why we know CALECIM® works.
  • Optimizes hair follicle function

  • Boosts hair density

  • Protects against inflammatory stressors

  • Causes no harmful side effects

Advanced Hair System

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If you have any other enquiries, please leave us a message on our chat. We will get back to you within 2 working days.
Can I use the Advanced Hair System without the derma stamp?
All our clinical observations have been conducted with the use of the derma stamp which allows the serum to activate the hair follicles. Without the use of the stamper, results may be compromised.
Are there any conditions that may inhibit the effectiveness of the treatment?
These are some conditions that affect hair growth and may impede results from the Advanced Hair System:

  • Vitamin deficiency

  • Pregnancy and birth

  • Lupus or discoid lupus

  • Rheumatologic conditions or autoimmune disease

  • Thyroid problems

  • History of breast, ovarian, cervical or uterine cancer

  • Other medical conditions

Under what conditions should I avoid using the Advanced Hair System?
Do not start on the Advanced Hair System if you are currently experiencing any of these symptoms on your scalp:

  • Burning or pain

  • Patches of rough, scaly skin or scarring

  • Pustules or crusting

Can I stop the Advanced Hair System at any point of the treatment program and continue after?
We advise using the Advanced Hair System for 6 continuous weeks to see the best results. Stopping the treatment program halfway will affect the results. Only embark on the program if you are sure you are able to adhere to the protocol for 6 weeks.
How fast can I expect results?
Most of our clinical studies have been done in 6 weeks with significant results. There have been continued growth for patients who have continued with the treatment. Some users may enjoy better results if they embark on two x 6 week treatment programs continuously (ie 12 week treatment program).

Please be aware that individual results do vary as well.
Can the Advanced Hair System cure hair loss?
There isn’t a cure for hair loss, but there are effective medications and hair restoration treatments. While these medications or procedures may slow hair loss or even reverse balding, beware of any company claiming to “cure” your hair loss, as there is no complete cure for hair loss.

Source: American Academy of Dermatology
Will I start losing hair once I stop the treatment?
We advise our users to begin a maintenance program of 3 months (utilizing only one box of Advanced Hair Serum) before starting the treatment program again (utilizing one box in 6 weeks) to ensure continued follicle activity. Unfortunately, all the elements that had caused your initial hair loss will still be present in your body and continued use of the Advanced Hair System ensures that your hair follicles do not fall into a state of inactivity again.

Please be aware that individual results do vary as well.
Are there any side effects?
We have had hundreds of patients use our product under the supervision of clinicians and have observed no side effects.
How is the Advanced Hair System different from other hair regrowth products?
The active ingredient used in Advanced Hair System is 100% naturally derived from Cord Lining Stem Cells. It is the mix of growth factors, proteins and cytokines naturally secreted by these stem cells. There are no chemicals used in its formulation. These stem cells are also ethically sourced with no harm or pain caused to any humans or animals.

Stem cell extracts are able to send cellular messages to hair follicle cells, initiating a cascade of positive responses such as increased cell production and inhibition of inflammatory cues that cause follicle cell death. Results have been consistent with visible improvement in 6 weeks. Some users may need to use the product for 12 weeks to optimize results.
Why is the Advanced Hair System pink?
Advanced Hair System contains phenolsulfonphthalein (a pH indicator) which is reddish/dark pink. As each batch of protein mix may have slight differences in acidity or alkalinity, the color can range from light yellow/orange to light red/dark pink. This is within our acceptable range.

We use the pH indicator to monitor the state of the active ingredient. As it is derived from an organic source and is high in biological matter, it may be prone to bacteria contamination. The pH indicator uses the acidity level within the formula to assess the health of the active proteins and growth factors within.

It is recommended to keep CALECIM® Professional products in cool conditions, not exceeding 33°C or 91.4°F. Please discontinue usage of the product if the color appears to be different from the stated acceptable range and contact us at
Why is there a smell to the Advanced Hair System?
The Advanced Hair System is fragrance-free. The smell comes from the high concentration of active ingredient, mainly Cord Lining extract, in the formulation. The smell disappears soon after application and most users don’t notice it after a few minutes.
Why does my ampoule of Advanced Hair System look and smell different from the last one?
The extract derived from each batch of Cord Lining is slightly different. This results in slight differences in color and smell in the end product because of the high concentration of active ingredient used.
Active Ingredients
Cord Lining Conditioned Media (Stem cell derived Fibronectins, Glycoproteins, Albumin, Collagens, Hyaluronic Acid)