MyCALECIM® Auto-Replenish Program

Auto-Replenish Program

  • Save up to 20% on most CALECIM® Professional products
  • For topical products, pause or cancel your plan after a minimum of 3 delivery cycles

Effortless Loyalty Points

Receive loyalty points on every delivery and purchase you make.

Tailor Your Experience

Receive what you need, when you need it, no more or no less.

Free Worldwide Delivery

Reliable, fast and convenient. The level of service that you deserve.

How the MyCALECIM® Auto-Replenish Program works

How It Works

Choose 'Auto-Replenish' when purchasing from our science-backed product range

Decide how often you’d like the product delivered to you using our prompted tools

Change the delivery frequency anytime. For topical products, you can pause or cancel after 3 delivery cycles

Auto-Replenish FAQs

1. How does Auto-Replenish work?

You can locate your desired product on the website. If it's available to order through our Auto-Replenish service, you will be given the choice to opt in for convenient, hassle-free delivery on a regular basis, customized to your desired schedule.

Once you've placed the order, your product will be shipped to you automatically according to your preferences. We'll even send you an email before it's due to be dispatched.

2. Can I earn and redeem CALECIM® Coins on my Auto-Replenish order?

Yes. You'll automatically accrue Loyalty Points on every Auto-Replenish order that's processed.

3. How much I will save while buying products on an Auto-Replenish basis?

You will save 20% for full-sized and 5% for starter-size products.

4. Are free samples included for Auto-Replenish products?

Yes, you can choose free samples for full-sized product subscriptions only. The number of samples allocated to you will depend on the total spend of your order. After you choose your samples for your first order, we will then send you the same samples for each Auto-Replenish order. Please note that starter-size products will be delivered without samples.

5. What products are eligible for Auto-Replenish?

All full-sized products (including Advanced Hair System) and starter size products without free sample kits. Product bundles are not eligible for the Auto-Replenish program.

6. What is the minimum commitment period for Auto-Replenish?

You can cancel your Auto-Replenish order anytime after 3 delivery cycles. However, you won’t be able to cancel your order before that.

7. Can I cancel my Auto-Replenish anytime?

However, you can only cancel your Auto-Replenish order after 3 delivery cycles.

8. Can I apply other discount codes to Auto-Replenish products?

However, the Auto-Replenish products are already discounted and further discounts are not applicable.

9. What is the frequency of Auto-Replenish?

You can order Auto-Replenish products every 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 weeks.

10. What if I'd like to switch between products?

You can switch between the products without having to cancel your order. Simply login to the Customer Portal ... (link & instructions coming soon)

11. What if I need to change how frequently I receive my order?

You can change the frequency at any time. Simply login to the Customer Portal ... (link & instructions coming soon)

12. Can I pause my Auto-Replenish orders?

Yes, simply login to the Customer Portal ... (link & instructions coming soon)

13. What if I need to change my shipping or billing address?

No problem. You can change your shipping and billing addresses without having to cancel your Auto-Replenish order. Simply login to the Customer Portal ... (link & instructions coming soon)

14. What if my payment fails?

We'll automatically try charging any failed payments every 2 days, up to a maximum of 3 retries. If payment still fails on the last retry, your subscription will be cancelled.

Shop Replenish

Choose “Replenish” while shopping throughout the site, or simply Quick Shop your favorites below.
Use our prompted tools to confirm your preferences and customize your experience. We will take care of the rest.

MyCALECIM® Auto-Replenish Program


  • Experience a convenient automated delivery service for loyal CALECIM® users
  • Save up to 20% on most CALECIM® Professional products
  • Earn CALECIM® Coins on Replenish orders
  • Customize your experience - receive what you need, when you need it, no more or no less
  • Freedom to pause, cancel or adjust your plan at any time
  • Worldwide delivery, on us