This is the first time that umbilical cord lining stem cells - or stem cells in general - are being truly utilized in a topical skincare to promote skin health.

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD, double-board certified cosmetic dermatologist

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The CALECIM® Professional skincare line is backed by an extensive body of science. Its pivotal technology is derived from Umbilical Cord Lining, a patented source of stem cells, from which powerful rejuvenating proteins are cultured. This potent complex, produced in a certified stem cell laboratory, is what makes up the active ingredient of all CALECIM® Professional products.


How are stem cells related to aging and skin health? Find out about the Science of Advanced Stem Cell Technology here, and how it can be applied to your daily skincare regimen.

Stem Cells in Skincare: See the Difference

Why You Need Stem Cells For Healthy Skin

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Our patented source of stem cells secrete a powerful mix of proteins, growth factors and cytokines (called Rejuvenating Conditioned Media), which direct skin cells to behave in a ‘youthful’ manner. They do this by sending signals that help increase glycoprotein production, encourage cell mobility, and activate cells to divide or self-destruct, effectively restoring a healthy epidermal cell turnover.

Doctors recommend that CALECIM® Professional be used post-procedure to enhance recovery, as well as in a daily homecare regimen to rejuvenate skin.

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CALECIM® Professional is a skincare with a conscience. No animals or humans are hurt in the extraction of our stem cells. Our products are not tested on animals.