How to stop hair shedding immediately and regrow hair

Hair thinning is a condition that plagues many men and women. If you are one of them, you no longer need to suffer in silence.

A head of luscious locks is something we all desire. After all, a beautiful crowning glory is a sign of youthful vitality. While it can be disheartening to spot strands on the pillow or the bathroom floor, don’t forget that we all lose some hair every day. According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, it’s normal to lose anywhere between 100-150 hairs daily as hair drops from follicles to make way for new hair growth.

From the moment we are born, our hair follicles undergo a rapid sequence of growth and rest. The hair cycle consists of the relatively well-known anagen, catagen and telogen phases, plus an additional exogen phase. During the exogen phase, “old” hair sheds, though usually a new hair is getting ready to take its place.1

Having a full head of hair depends largely on genetics and hormone levels. If you are losing more hair than you should, the causes can be genetic, hormone-related or due to lifestyle habits like using harsh hair products, chronic stress or wearing tight hairstyles. Childbirth and Covid-19 are additional factors.

"Chronic inflammation has been found to be a key factor in hair thinning. Recent medical research indicates that it can lead to shrinking of the hair follicle, reduced volume and thinning hair."
How inflammation causes hair shedding

Chronic inflammation has been found to be a key factor in hair thinning. Recent medical research from Harvard Medical School and the American Academy of Dermatology indicates that it can lead to shrinking of the hair follicle, reduced volume and thinning hair.

Inflammation is a highly complex component of the immune system. When our immune system is behaving normally, inflammation is a protective mechanism that prevents our tissues from becoming infected and further damaged. It is our body’s way of reacting to an annoyance or irritant. When our body detects that something abnormal is going on, like a tear in the skin or excess bacteria in the gut, it releases a large number of white blood cells to the damaged or irritated area to fight off bacteria and initiate the tissue healing process. However, when our immune system is not operating normally, it’s possible for inflammation to become a chronic issue. The immune system will then interpret the body’s cells and organs as foreign organisms and fight them. This could result in the hair follicles being interpreted as intruding elements and consequently, destroyed.2

The best stem cell serum for hair regrowth

Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel for sufferers. CALECIM® Professional’sAdvanced Hair System is a treatment that has been showing promise. A brand of stem cell-derived serum, it is packed with proteins, growth factors and exosomes that stimulate, nourish and condition weak hair follicles. When applied to the scalp, they aid in suppressing proinflammatory cytokines and reversing disrupted hair follicle activity.

The stem cell-derived serum has been used to successfully treat Covid-19 related telogen effluvium, a common type of hair loss that affects people after they experience severe stressor changes in the body3. In a peer-reviewed study led by Dr Shu Jin Lee of National University Health System, the research team found that applications of the serumsignificantly helped a male patient who had developed chronic telogen effluvium after recovering from Covid-19. Conventional treatment had not improved his condition, even after three months.

During each treatment, researchers massaged the stem cell serum into the patient’s scalp. After five treatments, during which the patient also continued with his Minoxidil and LED light treatments, hair density significantly improved. There was new hair sprouting in the front of the patient’s scalp and his hair had become less fragile, no longer breaking easily when combed.

Aesthetic practitioner Kelly Morrell has found that it can also help with post-partum hair loss and traction alopecia, especially when identified early. “When I assess a client’s scalp using a microscope, I have noticed a reduction in visible inflammation after treatment with CALECIM®,” she attests4.

In another study of patients with androgenetic alopecia carried out by Sage Medical Clinic, a vial of PTT-6® — the conditioned media used in the Advanced Hair System — was injected into the scalp of eight male patients with androgenetic alopecia. All eight patients reported a noticeable decrease in shedding and strengthening of hair in the first three weeks, and appreciable visual changes in the following weeks leading up to the completion of the 12 weeks’ course. A faster rate of hair growth and improved hair texture was seen in all candidates.5

Users like licensed cosmetologist Dana Plum have also reported a significant reduction in hair loss from using the serum, which is heartening news indeed for those afflicted with the issue. Hair thinning can be devastating and most sufferers would have tried numerous treatments in the hope of reversing their problem. The encouraging results of CALECIM®Professional’s Advanced Hair System show that all is not lost (pun intended) for sufferers and that regaining their crowning glory may indeed be more than a pipe dream. 

"Chronic inflammation has been found to be a key factor in hair thinning. Recent medical research indicates that it can lead to shrinking of the hair follicle, reduced volume and thinning hair."
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