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How and Why to Prep Your Skin before Applying CALECIM® Professional Skincare

Your anti-aging skincare is a big investment for you. Both in terms of time and monetary costs; firstly because of the effort in finding out the latest science-based active ingredient that is going to make a difference to your skin, and finally committing to buying it. When you are ready to take the leap and try something new, give your new skincare regime a better chance of success by making sure that your skin is prepped and ready to receive all its benefits.

Here are four of our favorite ways to prepare your skin before applying CALECIM® Professional skincare, a powerful anti-aging treatment derived from real stem cell technology.


1. At-home Exfoliators

Using an exfoliator at home is important for removing dead skin cells. Exfoliating regularly has the following benefits:

  •    Prevents pore blockage
  •    Encourages the skin renewal process
  •    Enhances skin radiance
  •    Improves absorption and retention of skincare actives

There are a variety of exfoliators on the market, so which type should you use? In general, we recommend a scrub that isn’t too rough with light granules in a creamy or gel texture so that you can get the benefits of an exfoliation without risk of sensitizing your skin.


2. Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) Cleansers or Toners

Alpha hydroxy acid can be naturally found in citrus fruit, and make for an excellent exfoliant that loosens and erases dead skin cells. AHA allows the pores to open up more to absorb your skin treatment more efficiently. You will find that you can easily optimize your at-home treatment with the simple addition of an AHA toner before applying your anti-aging creams. Most AHA skincare in the market contain a concentration of 10% of less. This should be sufficient for daily use without overly stripping your skin.


3. Sonic cleansing brushes

The arrival of the first Clarisonic device changed the way we cleaned our face. There are now several options in the market, from Olay to Braun. They are said to remove over six times more dirt, grime, make-up and pollution than normal cleansing. Some, such as the Foreo, come with sonic pulsations that massage and deep-cleanse at the same time. Cleansing has become much more high tech than the cotton-pads of the past, and the effect is a super clean surface to apply your favorite at-home treatment.


4. Microneedling

Microneedling has been used in clinics and medical spas for many years for its immediate aesthetic benefits. It involves the use of fine needles to create hundreds of small puncture holes in the epidermis. A hand-held dermaroller, which is coated with tiny needles, is used by a clinician or aesthetician; it is gently rolled over the four aesthetic zones. There is generally little to no downtime, and patients like it for the immediate plumping effect that the procedure gives.

Microneedling is so popular that it is now available as an at-home device that can be used as a weekly skin booster. It is, of course, the ultimate prep you can give your skin to prepare it for the absorption of powerful active ingredients.

Here are 5 tips we recommend when microneedling at home:

  •    Use needles 0.2mm in size or smaller, as anything thicker increases the risk of damaging your skin.
  •    Remember to sterilize the dermaroller before using it. You could roll it on an alcohol swab first.
  •    Gently roll the microneedling device over your cheeks, neck, chin, nose, and forehead. Don’t press too hard and make sure that you cover all angles – vertical, horizontal, and diagonal.
  •    To start, we recommend once a month usage until your skin can tolerate the procedure without adverse reactions.
  •    Replace the needles often. It is generally recommended for 10-12 uses, so if you microneedle 2-3 times a month, you should replace the device every 3-4 months.

After a microneedling session, we recommend the application of CALECIM®Professional Serum. With its high concentration of stem cell proteins, it will help regenerate your skin at many levels with the added prep of microneedling. Professional Serum can also help immediately soothe and calm your skin while it recharges it from deep within. You can be sure to wake up the next morning with a never-before glow.


Prepping Your Skin for Better Absorption of CALECIM® Professional Stem Cell Skincare: Getting the most out of your Growth Factor boost

The CALECIM® formula is a patented mix of powerful stem cell proteins. When applied on skin, these proteins and growth factors help optimize cell repair and renewal. You will be able to feel the effects beyond the surface as skin becomes firmer with the added glycoprotein production boost. Facial contours become more defined as skin thickens and tightens to create a visibly lifted effect.

With such potential for positive change, it is advised to prep your skin before applying this concentrated complex of growth factors and proteins. Take your pick of your favorite skin-prepping routine. Or experiment with a mix of them!


After prepping your skin, you might be ready for some Stem Cell Therapy for your skin, with a Starter size CALECIM® Professional Rejuvenating Cream.

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