How to recover quickly from a laser treatment with stem cell serum

In less than two years since its debut, CALECIM® Professional has won over patients and physicians from nearly every corner of the globe. Skincare professionals, in particular, have quickly recognized CALECIM®’s potential for alleviating pain and speeding up the healing process post in-clinic treatments. Among these is Dr. Cheryl L. Effron, a Board Certified Dermatologist and founder of the well-regarded clinic Cosmetic Dermatology of Orange County.

Dr. Effron was one of the earliest adopters of CALECIM® Professional in the United States. Having practiced dermatology for more than 38 years, her expertise runs not only to laser and chemical peels but also to skincare product development. Dr. Effron has seen more than half a million patients over the course of her career. This is exactly why it’s even more remarkable that she calls CALECIM® Professional Serum and CALECIM® Multi-Action Cream "the biggest transformation to laser procedures and aesthetic treatment protocols in my practice."

Dr. Effron points to CALECIM®’s ability to minimize pain as one of its most potent benefits for patients receiving ablative and more intensive facial treatments. "It is clear to me that the biggest patient impedance to aesthetic laser and chemical peel treatments is the concern over pain," she says. Dr. Effron has made CALECIM® a part of her patients’ in-clinic treatments and recovery process, with undeniable results.

Reducing pain from laser skin treatments using stem cell serum

She says she usually uses two CALECIM® Professional products in tandem. "CALECIM® Professional Serum, applied immediately after laser and/or chemical peels, relieves burning and stinging, making the patient immediately comfortable. CALECIM® Multi-Action Cream is then continuously used post-procedure to repair and enhance fine line improvement and pigment balance."

Recently Dr. Effron conducted a split-face clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of CALECIM®Professional in reducing warmth, redness, and pain after fractional CO2 laser resurfacing. During the trial, 14 patients reported on their recovery process over the course of 30 days. The study concluded that the skin treated with CALECIM® Professional Serum demonstrated greater comfort post-laser resurfacing in terms of all three criteria.

Perhaps most telling, Dr. Effron says, "All patients described a general increase in ‘overall comfort’ and expressed a wish to obtain Professional Serum for routine use on their facial skin."

Dr. Effron is so convinced of the revolutionary benefits of CALECIM® Professional she has lectured and given seminars on the effects she’s observed in her own practice. She says ultimately the results speak for themselves.

"When I discuss my findings with other dermatologists, they are excited about the prospect of introducing CALECIM® Professional products to their practice," she says. "The success of the products is evident in the patient's’ desire for continuous use of the CALECIM® Multi-Action Cream."

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