How LYMA’s Laser works with CALECIM® Serum to ‘profoundly change’ your skin

We’re thrilled to be partnering with LYMA, another company redefining the home beauty world with technology far beyond what the rest of the industry offers. LYMA founder Lucy Goff has been using CALECIM® in conjunction with The LYMA Laser with outstanding results.

At CALECIM® we’re all about science: working with world leaders on finding proven ways to benefit you. That’s why we’re thrilled to be partnering with LYMA, another company redefining the home beauty world with technology far beyond what the rest of the industry offers. LYMA founder Lucy Goff has been using CALECIM® in conjunction with The LYMA Laser with outstanding results. “I love the science behind CALECIM® and have been using the Restorative Hydration Cream with my daily fifteen minutes of Laser treatment. My skin is glowing.”

If you can’t make it to the clinic – or want to keep your skin in great condition in between treatments – LYMA and CALECIM® offer you the perfect at-home toolkit. Like CALECIM®, The LYMA Laser takes technology that you usually only find in the world’s top clinics and puts it in a portable form you can use every day. Clinicians recommend The LYMA Laser to speed up recovery from cosmetic procedures. But the LYMA Laser is recommended by more than just clinicians: Dr Graeme Glass, a leading craniofacial and plastic surgeon, calls it “one of the most exciting and innovative products to have been developed for the purpose of skin rejuvenation.” Just run The LYMA Laser over your face – and use the Professional Serum after – and over time you’ll see real, meaningful change to any problem areas you may have.

The LYMA Laser uses near-infrared coherent light to permeate right down to the bottom layers. "The LYMA Laser increases the energy making capacity of your intracellular battery," Dr Glass explains, in a process known as ‘photobiomodulation’: a cascade of events, brought on by light, which triggers tissue regeneration. “An increased energy state changes the genes expressed by the cell, turning off the genes responsible for cellular death and stimulating the expression of growth factors." With consistent use, he concludes, this brings about “a profound change in skin quality.”

Unlike other laser treatments that distress the skin to stimulate collagen production, The LYMA Laser is painless thanks to its ultra-diffused filter, can be used on all skin tones, conditions and types, and can even be used safely right around the eyes without goggles. This means – alongside tackling wrinkle depth, rosacea, acne and scar tissue – you can use this Laser on any problem area you might want to see a smoothing of, including crow’s feet. Pair with CALECIM® for optimal outcomes.

LYMA has another great addition to your daily protocol: alongside The LYMA Laser, The LYMA Supplement offers an incredible formula of proven nutrients that will improve your sleep, mood, focus and skin quality. Using patented ingredients, proven to work time and time again in clinical trials, this is the supplement that exposes how the rest of the industry is rife with placebos: a one-stop shop for everything your body could possibly need.

Unlike other supplements, which work on bringing your nutrition up to speed in fields you might find to be deficient in, LYMA’s formula is focused on nutrients that even the best of diets couldn’t get you: this is either because our body cannot produce enough of it, like their patented version of Vitamin D Vita-algae D3™, or because the versions found in food are not bioavailable in the same way these versions are, meaning your body can absorb them easier. This is particularly true of HydroCurc®, affron®, and KSM-66® Ashwaganda, patented extracts that draw out the benefits of ancient ingredients like turmeric, saffron and ashwaganda respectively.

Between this combination of ingredients, The LYMA Supplement does all number of things. It improves concentration and focus via the use of ‘smart drugs’ called nootropics (imagine caffeine without the crash), which also improve your brain health over time. The use of Keratin in a form your body can actually absorb, called Cynatine® HNS, improves the quality of your skin, hair and nails. Affron®improves your mood and sleep, Lycored Lycopene ™ supports health health, and Wellmune® Blend and D Vita-algae D3™ improve your immune system. The latter does this without causing calcium buildups, thanks to our inclusion of K2VITAL® DELTA. And those only scratch the surface of what it does. Born from a frustration at the choice paralysis customers were facing when they walked into a health store or pharmacy, LYMA is a one stop shop that is based on the supplements that helped save their founder Lucy’s life when she contracted septicaemia. When Dr Paul Clayton, a world authority on preventative degenerative disease, prescribed her this combination of patented, peer-reviewed ingredients she felt like herself. “I left my job and it became an obsession to help others, like me who had experienced hopelessness in recovery,” she says.

Whether it’s The LYMA Supplement combination of clinically trialed and proven ingredients, or the way The LYMA Laser brings clinic-level skincare into the customer’s hands, we’re proud to be working with a company so laser-focused on allowing people to become the best versions of themselves. 

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