Healthy skin, happy scalp and hair

Skin and hair may have more in common than most people think. The latest regenerative therapy allows the consumer to address both aging skin and hair thinning using one powerful technology. Here’s some research that explains this.

Regenerative treatments that empower your own body

Regenerative medicine is a growing field that is attracting much interest among clinicians and the public. “Regenerative medicine comes with this new ability to understand how our body can heal and to harness its innate ability, that self-ability to heal. It actually provides solutions to patients in need,” said Dr Andre Terzic, professor of medicine and pharmacology at Mayo Clinic. It goes beyond replacing damaged body parts and tissues using stem cell-based therapies. Self-healing is less about treating symptoms and more about getting your own body to fight diseases. This applies also to skin regeneration.

The self-healing abilities of our bodies can be stimulated. Cells have a variety of mechanisms to detect and repair damages, on molecules like DNA but also on dysfunctional cells which can be programmed by cell death. Detoxification mechanisms which can be stimulated are present in many tissues in order to inactivate and eliminate harmful substances. Most of our tissues also have a pool of stem cells which can be stimulated to replace damaged cells. Whole tissues like the liver and skin have self-healing properties.

Skin vs Scalp

CALECIM® makes use of growth factors, exosomes and proteins from ethically-sourced stem cells to regenerate skin, promoting cell turnover, decreasing inflammation and building skin collagen. Its revolutionary ingredient, PTT-6®, empowers skin and scalp to fight aging by messaging them to produce essential proteins and nutrients, and reduce inflammation that is required for being in optimal health. PTT-6® works on both skin and scalp as they are similar in composition. In fact, pores are the opening of hair follicles which extend down further through several layers of skin.

The composition of the skin layer on the scalp is similar to the skin tissues in the rest of the body with the only difference being the presence of many hair follicles that are densely packed together and often oriented at an angle from the scalp. There is also a general consensus that the absorption of topically applied substances is much higher through the hair follicles as compared to the outermost layer of the epidermis.

Better Absorption

A study comparing the absorption of caffeine between the stratum corneum (basically the skin barrier) vs hair follicles demonstrated that the absorption rate of caffeine for hair follicles was nearly 10 times higher than that for the stratum corneum and the percentage of absorption from hair follicles was more than half of that of the stratum corneum. In addition, the absorption from the stratum corneum showed an approximately 10-minute delay while there was no delay for absorption from hair follicles. This finding bodes well for users of CALECIM®’s Advanced Hair System for those suffering from hair loss.

The CALECIM® hair system’s efficacy in stimulating the scalp to grow new hairs has been validated by hundreds of patient studies as well as thousands of satisfied customers. Containing thousands of active growth factors, exosomes and proteins, the hair serum not only helps regrow hair but also improves the quality and thickness of existing hairs. A recent study by Yuvell Clinical Research Center revealed that each hair shaft increased by 16% (of new as well as existing hairs) after users applied the Advanced Hair System for 12 weeks. New hair follicles were also activated and overall number of hairs on the scalp also increased.

In recent years, scientists have found that hair’s real vitality lies in the scalp. According to a Journal of Cosmetic Science study, this shows that quality of hair depends on the quality of the scalp. This reinforces the fact that healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp and so, a hair treatment like the Advanced Hair System which works on the scalp is more likely to be effective in tackling hair loss compared to one that works only on hair.

PTT-6® for skin and hair

Both of CALECIM®’s star products, the Professional Serum and Advanced Hair System, contain high concentrations of PTT-6®. This powerful concentrate empowers skin and hair follicle cells to be ‘the best versions of themselves’ through cell-to-cell messages.

To retain healthy, youthful skin and a healthy hair cycle is a complex balance of chemical messaging within our bodies which we only truly appreciate when this system breaks down and we start experience aging skin and thinning hair as we age. PTT-6® is able to trigger the cells in skin and hair follicles through a complex mix of exosomes and growth factors to be at their most youthful. This work is done through a myriad of hundreds of TYPES of exosomes and growth factors that are naturally produced by nature, and in the case of CALECIM®, by its patented source of stem cells.

The Professional Serum and the Advanced Hair System is differentiated by the optimal ratio of growth factors and proteins that are selected for their effects on skin on hair. The formulation is also pH adjusted for skin and hair which accounts for its slightly different hues of pink. This pink hue is the science-backed benchmark for the health of the stem cell exosomes and growth factors within. Any change in pH is an indication of contamination which means that the active proteins within are no longer safe or effective for use. So remember that the pink indicates the health of the stem cell proteins in CALECIM®’s products, it also represents the effects of PTT6® on your skin and scalp: they will no doubt enjoy the pink of health in no time.

Both formulations represent the best in regenerative therapy for skin and hair.

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