Best gifts for Dads and the man in your life

Give the gift of results – our top science-backed solutions help dad look and feel his very best.

Let’s hear it for fathers – that incredible source of strength, love and support in our lives who always puts us first. They are also notoriously difficult to gift when a special occasion arises. We have helped you by selecting these highly-rated gifts that are backed by science and thousands of users, and will help Dad look and feel his very on his special day. 

CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System

50% of men experience hair loss by age 50, but your dad doesn’t have to. Help him keep his crowning glory with the new Advanced Hair System, a revolutionary new hair restoration solution. This 6 week treatment program is developed using a patented stem cell technology that stimulates hair follicle development, induces follicle cell production and even significantly helps reduce inflammatory markers that cause follicle cell death. Best of all, improvements can be observed within 6 weeks, meaning denser, fuller-looking hair that will be the envy of Dad’s peers.

CALECIM® Professional Recovery Night Complex

Help Dad streamline his skincare routine with this super-potent “one-and-done” gel. It coats the skin with a thin layer of skin-restoring stem cell proteins, as well as provides non-stop hydration while he sleeps. It’s also extraordinarily soothing: Calmosensine instantly relieves redness and sensitivity, while niacinamide and herbal botanicals calm skin. Dad can use this as an overnight skin treatment whenever he’s had a day outdoors being exposed to the sun and wind, or even when he has been a little too active with the razor. A fantastic soothing and cooling treat for his skin when it feels dry, sensitive or fatigued.

CALECIM® Professional Multi-Action Cream

Even the most health-conscious father appreciates some help when it comes to looking and feeling youthful. This is especially the case as his skin ages and the number of working stem cells – and rejuvenating proteins – drops. Turn back time with powerful scientist-formulated Multi-Action Cream, which harnesses patented cord lining extract to activate the cells in the skin responsible for hydrating and firming. It visibly smoothens deep wrinkles, enhances skin health and makes skin look firmer, fuller and brighter. So powerful is this anti-ageing corrective treatment that it can be used on its own, morning and night. Best of all, Dad only needs one product for multiple youth-giving benefits!

Manta Sleep Mask

We all know good sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing, especially as we age. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles can make achieving deep, rejuvenating rest challenging – even a pinprick of light can disrupt REM and deep sleep, leading to post-sleep tiredness. Keep dad mentally sharp with Manta’s Sleep Mask, the world’s comfiest blackout sleep mask. Its specially moulded, gap-free design guarantees 100% blackout – even in broad daylight – for deeper, uninterrupted sleep. It’s infinitely adjustable to ensure a customised fit and the soft breathable material never presses on eyes. Finally, it’s 100% machine-washable and comes in its own case or wash bag, meaning it’s practical too.

Manta Sleep Mask


LYMA Supplement

In a sea of supplements, not all are created equal. This is what motivated Lucy Goff – and her team of top doctors – to create Lyma, “the ultimate supplement”. This highly-rated product features 10 powerful ingredients such as immunity-boosting plant-based Vitamin D, anti-inflammatory turmeric extract and Ayurvedic adaptogen ashwagandha root extract. Each ingredient is dosed at the optimum level and has been formulated for maximum bioavailability, allowing it to be quickly and easily absorbed by the body for maximum effectiveness. Forbes describes the subscription-based supplement, which comes in a sleek copper storage vessel, as “the most ground-breaking supplement in the world”.

LYMA Supplement

US$269 for a Starter Kit, which includes 30-day supply, copper storage vessel and membership

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