Anti-aging skincare developed from skin repair technology


Stem Cell Skincare Powered by PTT-6®

CALECIM® Professional is a revolutionary product that encourages skin to regain its youthfulness based on our deep understanding of stem cell technology. Clinical results from across the globe illustrate exceptionally fast, thorough, and effective transformation in the appearance of aging skin. Dermatologists, medical aestheticians, and skincare experts—from Asia to the States—are now integrating our serum and cream into their in-clinic treatment procedures (both ablative and non-ablative) to quickly assist reduction in swelling and redness, thus improving post procedure discomfort and promoting long-term skin cell turnover and rejuvenation with extended at-home use.

CALECIM® Professional Skincare products are composed of a patented growth factors from ethically derived stem cells. Creating the perfect media for skin health, this extract consists of the full complement of proteins such as growth factors, exosomes, hyaluronic acid, fibronectin, glycoproteins and peptides which are naturally generated by umbilical cord lining stemcells.

Wound healing abilities developed from patented stem cell Science 

We are, in fact, a result of our parent organization, CellResearch Corp (CRC), a biotech company known internationally for its intensive research into therapies using umbilical cord lining stem cells with an expertise in wound healing. CellResearch Corp is the only company in the world with multiple patents for stem cell technology derived from the umbilical cord lining which is now on clinical trial in a USFDA study to treat chronic diabetic wounds. Cord Lining Stem Cells are also licensed to be banked by cord blood banks around the world. Other studies are ongoing to develop therapies for diseases affecting the brain, heart, cornea, and skin using cord lining stem cells as the treatment platform.

The future of anti-ageing skincare is in stem cells

CALECIM® Professional boasts unique access to CellResearch Corporation’s powerful, unparalleled, patented stem cell technology and now, we are pleased to introduce to medical aesthetic practices in America, our translation of this science into physician-dispensed skincare.

CALECIM® Professional effectively combats aging, boosts the skin’s regenerative process, and supports overall skin health. CALECIM® does this by using the very same groundbreaking stem cell technology that medical scientists around the world are exploring to treat a myriad of diseases

Through clinical trials and partnerships with dermatologists, medical professionals and their patients worldwide, it has been observed that topical application of CALECIM® Professional products to the face stimulates the shedding of old cells and the proliferation of new cells, returning skin cell turnover from 40 days back to 28 days. The results are dramatic and visible within 14 days of use. See results.

CALECIM® Professional has multiple benefits. It is been observed to:

  • Reduce pigmentation
  • Restore skin fullness and elasticity
  • Enhance facial definition
  • Dramatically decrease fine lines
  • And very importantly, we have observed that it substantially reduces redness and inflammation of the skin after in-clinic procedures
What is PTT-6®?

Our scientists discovered that the lining of the umbilical cord—traditionally regarded to be medical waste—contains the richest source of Epithelial and Mesenchymal stem cells which can be ethically derived without injury to mother or infant. This stem cell source produces billions of stem cells which secrete proteins responsible for cell regeneration and repair. The stem cells are neonatal, meaning that they are more powerful and robust compared to adult stem cells.

To create our formula, we draw on CellResearch Corporation’s technology which uses the extracts of umbilical cord lining. Nutrients, collagen, peptides, growth factors, exosomes and other proteins are secreted by umbilical cord lining stem into cell culture media which is collected to produce CALECIM®. CALECIM® works miracles through this ‘youth-giving broth’ which we call PTT-6® without the use of the cells themselves. The essence of the skin repair technology lies in the powerful growth factors and cytokines produced by stem cells. These are the cell signalling proteins that skin needs in order to heal, function and flourish.

In essence, CALECIM® is able to create the perfect environment for our own skin to reproduce essential nutrients needed for a healthy appearance. Laboratory observations show that skin is able to regenerate faster, develop denser epidermal layers and heal faster when exposed to PTT-6®.All in all, behaving as young, healthy skin should.

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