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The Advanced Hair System is used in conjunction with other treatments and services at hair clinics to provide a tailored solution for hair loss.

These are some questions that a trained hair clinician will be able to answer.


How do I know if I am losing my hair?

Although the answer may seem very obvious, many people do not identify hair loss until it has become fairly advanced. At the opposite end of the scale, there are many who are concerned about hair loss but are not experiencing it.

If hair loss runs in your family and you think you might be prone to it, a consultation with an expert would either ease your concern or help you on the path to healthy hair regrowth.

How do I if know I am losing my hair?

What kind of hair loss do I have?

This is a question that we receive frequently. A hair specialist will be able to provide a diagnosis and a detailed plan of treatment that may incorporate solutions in addition to a topical hair treatment.

Some of the services that a hair clinic may provide are:

  • A blood test to determine if there are any metabolic or hormonal imbalances
  • A hair analysis test to rule out vitamin or mineral deficiencies
  • A scalp biopsy or light microscopy will allow the clinician to rule out scalp infections or disorders of the hair shaft
  • A lifestyle consultation to highlight if any sleeping, eating or mental health issues may be causing adverse physiological reactions such as hair loss

These insights will allow the specialist to recommend a targeted program of diet and supplementation that will optimize and prolong any topical hair treatments.

What kind of hair loss do I have?

How would the Advanced Hair System be administered?

Each clinic has its own range of devices to ensure effective delivery of CALECIM®’s powerful active ingredient. Some clinics may utilise variable needling depths that can match the specifics of your scalp, allowing maximum benefit from the Advanced Hair System. Others may offer radio frequency treatment on top of micro needling to invigorate hair follicles. Having a clinician-administered treatment may also provide better coverage of your scalp as some hair loss areas may not be easily accessed by yourself.

How would the Advanced Hair System be administered?

How do I know if the hair treatment is working?

Clinicians would conduct a thorough analysis including before / after pictures and close-up analysis of your hair to monitor the trajectory of progress. Results differ dramatically among patients and a specialist would be able to advise the course of action (how long to continue treatment for, and how often for eg.) and the type of maintenance plan you should have.

How do I know if the hair treatment is working?

These are some ways you can get prepared for your specialized hair consultation:

  • List key personal information, including any major stresses or recent life changes
  • Make a list of medications, vitamins and supplements that you are taking
  • Recall when you started noticing increased hair shedding/ reduction of hair quality
  • Ask yourself if anyone in your immediate family has experienced hair loss
  • Prepare a list of questions you would like to ask the specialist