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Why does my skin change every season?

Ways to transition your beauty regimen to maintain your glow

Ways to transition your beauty regimen to maintain your glow


Spring is a season of rejuvenation, renewal and regeneration. However, for many, it can also be a time of skin complaints. The changing weather conditions and increased exposure to the sun can give rise to dryness and rosacea. The season is also well known for setting off allergies and the warmer weather can bring on hives, rashes and eczema. You would do well to step up your skincare routine in order to tackle these conditions.


Hydrating your skin with a product that is both moisturizing and healing is essential during springtime. High performing skincare products like CALECIM® Professional’s Professional Serum and Multi-Action Cream have well-reported benefits in this regard. The Professional Serum is particularly effective for soothing sensitive skin and super charging it to self repair.


Created to aid post-procedure recovery following in-clinic procedures like laser, IPL, dermabrasion, micro needling and chemical peels, the Professional Serum reduces downtime and discomfort, and optimizes aesthetic results. Its soothing texture and concentrated formula helps calm and repair skin fast. Doctors have found it to be a wonderful adjunct to post-operative laser skincare. In the words of Dr Dan Kim, plastic surgeon in Orange County, USA, “Its efficacy is undeniable with its anti-inflammatory property and its ability to decrease swelling and erythema.”


Patients found the Serum so efficacious in resolving redness and other symptoms arising from in-clinic procedures and in strengthening the renewal process that they continued with it at home. Others were recommended the product by their dermatologists.


Care for skin that gets worse when the seasons change

One user who used it after a fraxel treatment affirmed that it helped alleviate bruises and swelling while another attested that it speeded up healing after a laser treatment. On TrustPilot where real reviewers get to post how they have been using CALECIM®, customers have shown that they have been quite creative in their off-label usage of the products. “This serum was the only product my face could handle when I was slowly coming out of topical steroid withdrawal. There was always a slight sting when I put it on, but nothing compared to the burning sensation I got from almost all other products. I’ve now been using it pretty consistently for two to three months, and I can definitely see a difference. I love this product so much, and I am so thankful for it. I would 100% recommend this to anyone going through topical steroid withdrawal, and honestly just for general skin care routine.”


Though CALECIM® is registered as a cosmetic skincare and only for topical use on healthy skin, many of its users have found its calming benefits useful for their skin conditions. It is advised however to check with a medical professional before applying any products on your skin if you have eczema, topical steroid withdrawal or rosacea.


Eczema sufferers, who get triggered during season changes, have further commented on its efficacy in tackling this skin condition. A customer who was afflicted with it notes on the review site, “I had serious eczema symptoms from the withdrawal of using topical steroid creams. The folds of my arms, backs of my knees, even my eyelids and face were swollen, red and raw. The Professional Serum basically turned my skin back to normal... after only four days of use.”


Other customers who have used the Professional Serum have praised it for lending a glow to their skin, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and filling out skin volume. It has also been found to be effective when applied on skin trauma and bruises, and even in reducing under eye shadows.


Add these to your routine to adjust to your new climate

When using it at home, a mild exfoliation before application might improve absorption of the product. Use one pipette for the whole face. Apply a few drops on each facial zone and press into skin. The Serum can be used on its own or together with the Recovery Night Complex.


CALECIM® Professional’s Multi-Action Cream similarly helps to actively repair and rejuvenate skin. The cream has a plumping and firming effect, as it directs “youth messages” derived from patented cord lining extract to activate skin cells responsible for hydrating and tightening. Consumers have reported noticeable improvements in the definition of their jawline.


As can be seen, these cosmeceuticals are not only anti-aging, they also have more far-reaching effects. With the Professional Serum and Multi-action Cream in your arsenal, you should be well placed to tackle the changes that warmer weather, increased humidity and sun exposure might bring to your skin.

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