How to layer CALECIM® skincare

Keen to start incorporating some powerful exosomes into your daily skincare, but unsure how to use them in your daily regimen? Here’s help:

CALECIM® Professional is a stem cell skincare that is being recommended by doctors and medical aestheticians for its rapid age-defying results. The products help improve skin density, increase it’s collagen and elastin production, as well as encourage renewal of skin cells.

What is noteworthy about the range is that you can easily use it in conjunction with other products that are already a part of your skincare regimen. Let’s go through each of the products and how you should use them. They are also great to layer with one another, with absolutely no piling effect that you may get from other skincare.

"What is noteworthy about the CALECIM® skincare range is that you can easily use it in conjunction with other products that are already a part of your skincare regimen."

Professional Serum

The star of our skincare range, this Barbie-pink Serum never fails to bring delight with its bright hue and, of course, its remarkable effects. It was formulated for use in clinics for medical practitioners to speed up the repair of their patients’ skin after clinical procedures, but has since become a mainstay as a daily skincare. With a potency that is unrivalled, at 80% active exosomes and growth factors, you only need a few drops on your skin beneath your daily skincare to start reaping its benefits.

The Professional Serum targets fine lines and wrinkles, helping to amp up your skin’s collagen and elastin production so that you can enjoy the healthy, supple skin of youth. There are three ways you can use the Professional Serum:

 After a clinical procedure

Do what the doctors do… and use this immediately post-procedure. With your skin at its optimal state to receive the benefits of active ingredients, using the Professional Serum after a laser or chemical peel, mesotherapy, or clinical exfoliation, will allow better penetration of all those potent exosomes and growth factors. A big plus to using this straight after a procedure is you get to enjoy decreased downtime and improved results as your skin’s repair abilities are revved up.


After an at-home skin treatment

Giving your skin a spa night in has become a popular weekly routine for many. Your favorite at-home treatment could be a microneedling session, an LED treatment with an at-home device, or a chemical skin exfoliation. You can try to get clinical-grade results by adding a few drops of Professional Serum to this routine to start enjoying some very different outcomes.


Daily as a skin booster

We know it works its magic after a procedure, so imagine the benefits your skin will enjoy when you give it a dose of powerful exosomes daily. A few drops over your skin and gently pressed in provides a silky start for you to start layering on your other skincare products. This daily boost to keep your skin cells engaged and working like healthy young skin will allow you to start seeing benefits from your other skincare as well.


Interested in using other CALECIM® products. Here’s how:


Apply the Professional Serum after cleansing and toning.

You can apply the other products according to their consistency. Start with lotions, gels, light cream and end with heavier creams.



If you are using the complete CALECIM® line of skincare, apply them in this order:

  • Professional Serum
  • Professional Pigment Solution
  • Multi-action cream
  • Restorative Hydration

PM only

  • Professional Serum
  • Recovery Night Complex

You can also incorporate antioxidants, retinols and AHA/BHA and others into the CALECIM® range. Add them according to the consistency of the product so you do not cause pilling. Pilling is when your skincare flakes off your face in grey, worm-like bits. Not applying your products carefully can result in wiping off one product when you apply the next – you lose some of the benefit of the products when you do so.

It's best to apply the products slowly and possibly, in smaller amounts.

Here are some other tips on how to get the most out of each of our skincare:

Multi-action Cream

CALECIM® s Multi-action Cream is a daily skin treatment that boosts collagen and elastin production, lifting and firming skin. It repairs and restores all layers of skin for a supple and radiant complexion. Remember to apply it past your jawline to your neck to enjoy that lifting, firming effect where it’s most needed.

How to integrate MAC into your skincare routine?


  • Cleanse and tone
  • Apply MAC

If your skin is dry, you may wish to add on moisturizer to the cream.


Restorative Hydration Cream

The restorative hydration cream deeply hydrates skin while calming inflammation. It revitalises and replenishes dry, dull skin. It delivers dewy and instantly plumped skin.


How to integrate the Restorative Hydration Cream into your beauty routine?


Use this daily both in the morning and night. Apply it past the jawline to the neck area to hydrate the entire facial area.


Recovery Night Complex

The recovery night complex contains hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate. It is worn overnight to hydrate, brighten, repair and diminish signs of aging.

How to integrate it into your beauty routine?

After cleansing and toning, apply five pumps of the Recovery Night Complex to all parts of your face, including your neck. You can add the Professional Serum before applying the night serum.


Professional Pigment Solution

Unlike many other treatments for pigmentation, the Professional Pigment Solution is hydroquinone-free. It inhibits melanin production and works to treat uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. It treats dark spots, acne scarring and restores even, clear skin.

How to integrate the Professional Pigment Solution into your skincare routine


Use it daily, morning and evening. Use it under your moisturizer in the areas where there’s uneven skin tone. Target ‘specific’ spots with a secondary application.

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