Years of Research.

One Powerful Active Ingredient.

Unlimited Benefits for the Skin

CALECIM® Professional is developed from skin regeneration technology.
Scientists have discovered how proteins derived from Cord Lining Stem Cells are able to treat symptoms of aging.

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Studied in the Lab,
Clinically Validated
by Scientists

Our Scientists believe that the active proteins derived from Cord Lining Stem Cells can trigger positive reactions by sending cellular messages to the skin.

How CALECIM® works so quickly
and effectively
on your skin

The growth factors which are part of our patented active ingredient use a unique cellular technology to trigger your own cells to respond in all kinds of beneficial ways.

CALECIM's skin technology CALECIM's skin technology

CALECIM® does not just add ingredients to your skin, it induces your skin to produce more of these beneficial proteins on its own through cell-to-cell communication.

How PTT-6® can transform your skin

The messages that are able to reach every layer of your skin through cellular communication trigger multiple positive responses from your own cells.

These are in-vitro evidence of skin renewal, rejuvenation and restoration that take place in your skin when skin cells are exposed to stem cell media.

More skin cell
growth at 7 days
in skin density
Increase in
Elastin Expression

Accelerated skin restoration

Increase in
HA Expression

These cellular messages work in tandem to activate skin cells to act in a more youthful manner. They are able to work on multiple signs of aging to achieve skin that is healthier, more resilient and radiant.

Clinical Research and Data...

are incredibly important to us.
You can be confident that your decisions are based on scientific evidence.

Created by Scientists

Produced in a Stem Cell Lab

Trusted by Doctors

Validated by Patients

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The World's Only Skincare Powered by Cord Lining Stem Cells

The World's Only
Skincare Powered by
Cord Lining Stem Cells

CellResearch Corporation is a biotechnology company that discovered the presence of stem cells in the umbilical cord lining 16 years ago.

CALECIM® Professional draws on its parent company’s patented stem cell knowledge currently being utilized in US FDA clinical trials

One Source:
Two Types of Stem Cells

One Source: Two Types of Stem Cells
Mesenchymal Epithelial

It has been found that the Cord Lining is the richest source of stem cells from a non-embryonic source.

The combination of growth factors and proteins derived from both Mesenchymal and Epithelial Stem Cells is able to trigger cellular reactions from all layers of the skin, from the dermis to the epidermis.

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Mesenchymal Stem Cells

“The healing promise of mesenchymal stem cells seems
not to lie in the cells themselves.
Rather, they produce beneficial cytokines – proteins essential to wound healing – and may act as a spur for the production of the key restorative factors.”

A Stem Cell Trial For Diabetic Foot Ulcer, UCHealth Today.

See full article about our parent company’s USFDA trial,
in collaboration with University of Colorado

Cord Lining Technology:
Skincare and Beyond

Cord Lining Technology: Skincare and Beyond

Our parent company, CellResearch Corporation, is committed to turning this critical scientific advancement into accessible consumer and medical products.

To this end, the company is leading extensive stem cell research across numerous fields of medicine, paving the way for potential therapeutic opportunities using Cord Lining Stem Cells.

Our technology can be applied to almost any medical field. With our yield of billions of stem cells, it means we can take advantage of the economy in numbers, and stem cell therapy may now finally be within reach of most, if not all.

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Create a Better World: Stem Cell Research Initiative

Create a Better World:
Stem Cell Research Initiative

This initiative was launched in the early 2000s with the treatment of patients with chronic burns and wounds. Application of Cord Lining Stem Cells closed many of these wounds where conventional treatments had failed.

To date, thousands of patients have benefited from these stem cell therapies in South East Asia.

The CREATE A BETTER WORLD Initiative provided the therapies for these patients at highly subsidized rates or without charge.