Professional Serum

A light serum formulated with high concentrations of Rejuvenating Conditioned Media that immediately calms, soothes and restores skin after in-clinic procedures. Results can be seen and felt immediately after application, with long-term aesthetic benefits with continued use.

  4 Reviews

Professional Serum amplifies your skin’s natural restoration process post-procedure, leading to improved aesthetic results, reduced redness, swelling and discomfort immediately after application, and significant reduction in down time.

Skin Types
All skin types
Skin Condition
Post-procedure Red Sensitized Traumatized
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Stem cells in our body are responsible for repair and regeneration. They do this by secreting protein cytokines in the vicinity of the injured area to create an ideal environment for our own cells to self-repair. As we age, the quantity and quality of these cytokines deteriorate, leading to a slower regenerative cycle as well as a longer recovery process.

Professional Serum contains high concentrations of Rejuvenating Conditioned Media, which offers an unprecedented combination of cytokines and growth factors physiologically balanced exactly as nature intended to activate tissue renewal. This active ingredient, derived from a patented source of umbilical cord lining stem cells, works by providing a nutrient-rich microenvironment for a variety of injured adult tissue to help limit the area of damage and boost a regenerative response.


It is recommended to use one ampoule per treatment. Cleanse face thoroughly. Divide the face into four zones: forehead, nose and temples, left cheek and neck, chin, front of neck and skin around the lips. Continue use of Professional Serum at home after procedure.






Overall Rating

  4 Reviews

Elizabeth, UK,
50 years old,

"I was quite skeptical about any additional treatments prescribed by doctors after laser procedures. However, once my doctor convinced me to try CALECIM® Professional Serum I couldn’t be happier with the results! My face was inflamed and swollen after a Deka laser, but after using the Serum for just two days, I could even go out. For all those undertaking laser treatment I highly recommend it for a fast recovery!"

Tom, USA,
35 years old
HR Manager

"I am used to about a week of down time after my regular laser procedure. During this time, when my face is red, swollen and burning, I would feel extremely embarrassed to go to work or anywhere else. After trying CALECIM® Professional Serum, this regular routine of ‘hiding’ after procedure has changed! I can get my life back after three days of use!"

Jo-Ann, Singapore,
40 years old
Fashion Sales Manager

"I used CALECIM® Serum after my hydrafacial treatment. The results were fantastic, after just a week my skin looked like new, even after a hectic work week!"

Henrietta, USA,
55 years old
Retail Manager

"I tried the Serum once my doctor recommended it after Scarlett; microneedling with RF. It was my second time with Scarlett, and first time using Serum after. I feel that my second treatment was somehow better: my skin felt tighter and more glowing after."

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