'It's put a spring back in my step'. Losing your hair can be emotionally devastating but there is a solution...

Published 30 October 2023

When Jane Thompson fell ill and was treated with a course of steroids, it caused her hair to start thinning.

'It was horrible,' she says. 'I may be in my 70s but the last thing you want is thinning hair - you want to look the best you can.'

Thankfully her daughter, beauty journalist Olivia Falcon, had a solution.

Losing your hair can be devastating - whatever the reason for it - and not just for women but for men as well

'She was taking part in an event with Dr Munir Somji of DrMediSpa who was showing people a product called Calecim,' says Jane, from London.

'They needed a guinea pig to show you how to put it in your hair and I said I'd do it. Afterwards they gave me some more.

'You're always a bit doubtful about these things but I thought I'd give it a go because they said it really works - and it does.'

Within six weeks Jane began seeing baby hair coming through where hers had been lost.

Dr Munir Somiji, director of DrMediSpa in London, uses Calecim to help patients in his clinic

'| was receding on my temples and that's where the hair came back,’ she says. ‘I couldn't believe it. It's definitely put a spring in my step - I'm all for anything that improves one's appearance’.


As Jane discovered, losing your hair can be devastating - whatever the reason for it and not just for women but for men as well.

However, until recently, there haven't been many different treatments available in the UK. In short, you can take vitamin and mineral supplements, a medication called minoxidil - which can have side effects - or have a transplant.

But now there's a new option, one that's clinically proven to work. Calecim is the only product on the market that:

  • has visible results in 6 weeks
  • improves the quality of hair
  • thickens hair by widening each hair shaft

It can be used on both men and women of all ages. Doctors have been using Calecim to treat many different kinds of hair loss including male and female pattern baldness, excessive shedding, hair loss after pregnancy and traction alopecia, which is caused by constant pulling of the hair. 

Previously treatment options for hair loss were limited, but now Calecim offers an alternative


While we tend to associate hair loss with men, it's also an issue for women, particularly during the menopause as hormone levels drop.

‘We used to think it wasn't so common in women but it is,’ says Dr Munir Somji, who treated Jane Thompson. ‘At the age of 50, as many as 50 per cent of females are exhibiting some form of hair loss. That's one in two who will notice thinning by the age of 50.'

The director of DrMediSpa in London uses Calecim to help patients in his clinic.

‘It's stem cell-conditioned media which means that stem cells have been taken into a lab and stimulated to produce growth factors specific for hair - in this case a growth factor that makes new blood vessels.’

The resulting serum can either be applied to the scalp in a clinical setting or at home. Courses can last anything from three months to a year after which occasional 'top ups' are needed.

'What I've seen is that Calecim is highly effective for a lot of different forms of hair loss," says Dr Somiji. 'It's a relatively non-invasive procedure, there's no downtime so you can get back to your daily activities pretty much immediately and it's easy to maintain.

'A busy person just wants to maintain their hair and Calecim has proven efficacy, minimal side effects and is useful for different forms of hair loss as well.!

*To start your six-week hair restoration program with Calecim Advanced Hair System (£315), go to calecimprofessional.com.

It's given Dad more confidence

When her husband's crowning glory began thinning a little, Clare Johnston decided to put a new treatment she'd been hearing so much about to the test.

After a few weeks, that treatment - Calecim - was working so well on her spouse, she decided to see if it would be as successful on her 79-year-old father who was almost bald.

Michael before treatment (left) and after eight weeks of using Calecim (right)

'Three weeks later he arrived at my door patting the back of his head saying, 'I feel new hair coming in',' she says.

Journalist Clare, 50, heard about Calecim through her work on The Honest Channel on YouTube which is dedicated to ageing well.

'I look at all the innovations for skin care and hair regeneration,' she explains. 'I'd noticed Calecim and interviewed a representative who explained how it all worked. 

Claire is delighted that her suggestion of Calecim has helped her father's confidence

'At that point my husband David started using it - he was late-50s and had always had a thick head of hair, but we noticed some thinning during Covid.

'So we decided to put the Calecim hair system to the test. He applied the serum and within eight weeks we saw a visible difference.' 

She mentioned it to her father Michael who was also keen to try it - incredibly it took just three weeks for him to notice a difference.

'And at six weeks you could actually see the darkening of the scalp where hair was coming in,' says Clare. 'For his age, I'd say he had remarkable results - it's very obvious. And very surprising for his age.

'It's really put a smile on his face and it's given him a little more confidence which is a lovely thing to happen.'

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