Hair loss needn't be devastating

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Losing your hair is traumatic for women yet it happens to many of us in middle age. Here, scalp technician Kelly Morrell explains why it happens and what you can do to restore your hair...and your happiness.

Why do so many women start losing their hair in their mid-40s?

Factors such as the menopause, genetics, hormones, stress, medication, diet, malnutrition, underlying health conditions such a thyroid issues or anaemia, the use of styling chemicals, direct heat and general hair products can all affect the hair growth cycle and the quality of the hair itself. It's common to find several of these contributing factors at any one time.

Why is it so upsetting for women?

For women, our hair is often our identity, or at least a huge part of it, so when something goes wrong, it’s no surprise it has a deep emotional affect.

Is there a solution?

Yes, the traditional first line therapy is a medication called Minoxidil but while some people respond to it well, others do not. Many clients tell me the effects reach a plateau after about 18 months.
There are a number of others such as Finasteride, supplements that can provide support and in-clinic treatments such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) mesotherapy. And women can and do have hair transplants.
But I find one of the best treatments is a growth-factor treatment. My go-to is Calecim Advanced Hair System.

To help activate regrowth, use the derma stamper with the hair serum twice a week

What is it?

It’s a stem cell-derived serum that’s infused into the scalp, containing key proteins and growth factors and exosomes to help stimulate, nourish and condition weak and struggling hair follicles. It's a good drug- and hormone-free option and I've been using it since I saw what could be achieved I've seen remarkable results in clients with it: many start seeing visible results of regrowth at six weeks.

Any other advice for women experiencing hair loss?

Whatever your hair loss concern, early intervention is key to achieving the best results.

Professional Calecim hair treatments at Scalp Confidential start at £1,900. The 6 week system can also be applied at home with the supplied derma stamper from £315 at

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