Can stem cell exosomes reverse skin aging?

Created by Scientists. Trusted by Doctors  — CALECIM® Professional isn’t simply another cosmeceutical skincare brand launching in the market. It is a brand driven by real stem cell technology that is committed to providing highly advanced skincare with clinical results. Targeting the root of ageing, CALECIM® Professional works both inside and out to restore healthy skin function, which is the fundamental step to achieving skin that is healthy, resilient and youthful.

Ethically sourced stem cells: How stem cell skincare can reverse aging

Stem cells in our body are responsible for repair and regeneration, which is why stem cells are the heart of our unique patented skincare technology that promotes healthy, youthful skin. Biotech company CellResearch Corporation made a discovery 20 years ago that the umbilical cord lining is a rich source of neonatal stem cells. This patented source is able to provide ample stem cells for medical applications, such as wound healing, as well as for cosmeceutical skincare in the form of CALECIM® Professional.

Stem cells used in the production of CALECIM® Professional are harvested from the discarded umbilical cord lining of free range red deer in New Zealand — a source that is ethical, sustainable and reliable. Because cord lining provides such a large quantity of stem cells, the laboratories of CellResearch Corporation are able to produce stem cell ‘medium’ in high concentrations. This medium is called PTT-6® and is what makes up the powerful active ingredient of all CALECIM® Professional products.

How does CALECIM® Professional Clinical Skincare Work?
Stem Cell derived Growth Factors and Exosomes that are anti-ageing

What is in the ‘medium’ of stem cells that makes it so beneficial to skin? It is a complex mix of proteins, growth factors, and exosomes, that are able to send messages to your skin, encouraging it to behave in a more ‘youthful’ manner. Stem cell proteins do this by encouraging production of structural proteins at multiple layers, as well as boosting cell turnover and renewal. These ‘youth messages’ can help target skin laxity, dryness and pigmentation, offering an effective solution to skin showing signs of ageing. Clinical results reveal that CALECIM® Professional is able achieve skin that is firmer, more hydrated and visibly more radiant in as little as two weeks.

Because it is derived from wound-healing technology, CALECIM® Professional has also been adopted by doctors to be used after in-clinic procedures such as laser treatments, peels and micro-needling to accelerate skin restoration. Use of CALECIM® Professional has been shown to dramatically reduce downtime, redness and swelling, as well as optimise post-procedure aesthetic results.

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