Reviews of Advanced Hair System: What our users say

Hair loss is more common than one would think. While the quest to restore one’s crowning glory can be a difficult — and sometimes fruitless — one, many have seen results with CALECIM®’s Advanced Hair System. We talk to some of our customers to find out how the 6-week treatment has changed their lives.

Hair loss can be demoralizing for those who suffer from it. Fran Boddie was just 22 when she noticed that her hair had become thinner. It was a process that happened gradually. Over the years, she tried many different treatments but none really worked. Coming across reviews of CALECIM®’s Advanced Hair System had her hopes up and she bought two packs of the product. She has been applying the treatment twice a week and reports that her scalp is less visible with baby hairs appearing especially in the front. “I will definitely order a fresh supply,” she asserts in delight.

Fran is just one of many customers who have reported success with the hair system. While some like her have had long-term shedding of their crowning glory, others like Jacinta Perera Naunton have suffered hair loss due to life changes like perimenopause. After doing some research and finding the Advanced Hair System a cost-effective home treatment, Jacinta decided to try the product. She has been pleasantly surprised by the results. “It has only been a few weeks but I have seen some growth,” she observes.

"Real results from our users: Jacinta found the CALECIM® Advanced Hair System helpful for hair loss due to perimenopause, while Nancy saw results after experiencing stress-related hair loss."
Working Its Magic

Illness too can deplete the hair of necessary nutrients, weakening hair roots and causing hair fall. This was the case with Diane Hansen. Diane, who’s in her 60s, went through two surgeries in the span of two years. Following her second surgery, she noticed, to her dismay, a substantial amount of hair loss. “It was so significant that my husband asked me what was going on,” she recalls. Diane has been using the hair system since mid- January this year and has seen an improvement in her hair condition.

Another customer, Katie Jones, was diagnosed with scarring alopecia and despaired that her hair would never grow back. Fortunately, the Advanced Hair System worked its magic on her scalp and hair has begun sprouting. “My hairdresser says I have loads more hair,” exclaims a clearly thrilled Katie at the unexpected results.

Another cause of hair loss is chronic or acute stress. Studies show that significant stress can give rise to different types of hair loss. The Advanced Hair System has proven successful even in such cases. One satisfied customer whose mane was so affected is Nancy Apicella. Following a stressful year in 2020, she suffered considerable hair loss but is pleased that the hair system has helped her regain her hair growth – and confidence.

Daring to Dream

While studies show that the Advanced Hair System tends to work better on those with fairly recent hair loss, some users have reported success even with long-term hair loss. Viktoria Lyubomir has had thin hair all her life and was also losing a lot of hair. After six weeks of applying the CALECIM®, she has seen visible results. This has given her so much assurance that she believes that her dream of having long, luscious locks may  become a reality in the not too distant future.

Hair treatments such as relaxers can also have a deleterious effect on one’s mane. Lay R, in her 30s, who used a relaxer reports that her once thick, healthy hair never quite recovered from the treatment. She is confident that the hair system will be the answer to her prayers – restoring her locks to their former glory.

For many customers with hair thinning caused by a myriad of reasons, the hair system has proven to be the answer they have been searching for. Having tried many treatments, they are finding grounds for optimizm in CALECIM®, as they see baby hairs springing up on their crown and hairline. While it takes time for some to see results, others have reported almost instant success, with the stopping of hair shedding and new growth. “Every day is no longer a bad hair day and I am confident the improvement will continue,” contends Maureen Wilson, echoing the sentiments of many of our customers.

"Real results from our users: Jacinta found the CALECIM® Advanced Hair System helpful for hair loss due to perimenopause, while Nancy saw results after experiencing stress-related hair loss."
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