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CALECIM®: Know Our Brand

CALECIM® is an Anti-Aging Breakthrough with a proprietary formula developed from advanced skin regeneration technology. With strong clinical evidence of efficacy, CALECIM® is the brand trusted by doctors, formulated by scientists, and globally prescribed by physicians.


Testimonials: "The Perfect Laser Recovery Serum"

Dr Cheryl Effron, MD and Fellow of the American Board of Dermatology, talks about how, after 36 years in the laser aesthetic practice, she has found the perfect post-laser procedure serum in CALECIM®. It is an "elegant vehicle that offers comfort for the repair process".

Laser Demo: Application of CALECIM® Serum Post Procedure

Find out how to apply CALECIM® Serum Post procedure, and witness the immediate results of reduced downtime. Patients derive greater satisfaction with in-clinic procedures with significant decrease of redness, swelling and discomfort.


Presentation at IMCAS: Dr Effron's Findings of CALECIM® Serum Post CO2 laser

Results of clinical observations conducted at Dr Cheryl Effron's clinic in California were presented on podium at IMCAS Asia 2016 held in Taipei. One hundred percent of patients reported a difference on the CALECIM® treated side compared to the control side. Besides decrease in redness, patients reported improvements in skin brightness and tautness.

Live Demo at IMCAS: Application of CALECIM® Serum post Epi-Pen Procedure

Witness the live demo of an Epi-Pen procedure conducted at IMCAS Asia 2016. Immediate decrease in swelling and redness can be witnessed after application of CALECIM® Serum.