Years of research, two novel ingredients and several proven technologies combine to treat the toughest skin discoloration problems. This combination of technologies offers the potential to provide a long-term solution that addresses the entire development of hyperpigmentation and melasma to prevent their re-occurrence.

It targets the root of skin discoloration by strengthening the skin’s reaction to inflammation which is the key cause of melasma and other hyperpigmentation. It does this through a powerful combination of growth factors derived from Cord Lining Conditioned Media, a patented ingredient of CALECIM® Professional.

Professional Pigment Solution also accelerates the skin’s natural autophagy, which is the process of degrading and ridding itself of unwanted tissue like melanin, through Aa-(Clear)2, a plant-based ingredient derived from Arusaema Amurense. Other proven de-pigmenting technologies such as butylrescorcinol, glutathione, alpha-arbutin, and niacinamide work together to create this powerhouse formula.