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It's no miracle.
It's Science®

“One of the most rigorously safety
and efficacy-tested serums.”

Daily Mail

Created by Scientists.
Trusted by Doctors.

“CALECIM® offers the medical wound-healing benefits of stem cell proteins within a cosmeceutical skin rejuvenation range.”

Dr Mitchel P. Goldman,
Double-board certified cosmetic dermatologist

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CALECIM® Professional’s pivotal technology is derived from Cord Lining, a patented source of stem cells.

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source of stem cells

CALECIM® Professional's pivotal technology is derived from our globally patented source.

It is also known to be the richest source of stem cells in the body. While the term ‘stem cell skincare’ is not new, we are the first to offer this unique source of the most abundant and powerful stem cells as a revolutionary skincare technology.

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Created by Scientists

Produced in a Stem Cell Lab

Globally Patented

Trusted by Doctors

Ethically Derived

Healthy skin starts
with stem cells

We start life brimming with young stem cells.
But their numbers and efficiency drop as we age.
How is this related to the skin you have now?

Find out why you need some stem cell science in your skincare:

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