Calecim as a Treatment

Stem Cell Recovery System

In-clinic procedures work on the principles of 'controlled injury' to skin tissue through light, electric currents, needling and other modalities. This initiates natural healing, intended to encourage 'forced' skin regeneration and ultimately improved aesthetics.

The CALECIM® Professional System provides an optimal environment for successful healing post procedure. It contains high concentrations of active stem cell proteins, providing an unprecedented combination of cytokines and growth factors, physiologically balanced exactly as nature intended to activate tissue renewal.

Active Stem Cell Proteins

  • Send 'Youth Messages' to skin to increase collagen synthesis:
    for firmer, visibly lifted skin
  • Encourage cell proliferation so that fresh, new skin cells can rise to the surface:
    for improved radiance and glow
  • Activate cells to migrate to initiate healing:
    for accelerated repair from environmental damage and skin trauma
  • Contain Interleukin-10:
    to suppress inflammation and decrease post-procedure redness, swelling and discomfort
Calecim Stem Cell Recovery System

Enhance Procedures. Optimize Results

In-clinic applications