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In-Clinic Procedures
Home Maintenance System

Delivers enhanced rejuvenation technology directly into skin with laser assisted delivery, with continued superior rejuvenation during at-home use.

Procedure-assisted Delivery System using CALECIM® PROFESSIONAL Serum after


Laser Treatment




Chemical Peels


The above does not represent the full list of aesthetics treatments which CALECIM® Professional products complement. Please contact us at to find out more.


Request for a CALECIM® PROFESSIONAL In-Clinic Treatment at Your Nearest Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon

Home Maintenance Regime:

Using CALECIM® PROFESSIONAL Multi-Action Cream for day and night application

What CALECIM® PROFESSIONAL has been observed to do in just 4 weeks, is to provide the nutrients that will aid your skin in restoring its natural renewal cycle.

We call this a skin reset – our cell-free conditioned media allows your skin cell cycle to return to its original, youthful state by creating the perfect environment for your skin to reproduce the essential nutrients for a healthy appearance. Extend and enhance the effects of the CALECIM® PROFESSIONAL In-Clinic Treatment by up to 60 days with this simple home-care maintenance regime.