The skincare brand preferred by doctors

CALECIM® PROFESSIONAL serum has proven its value many times over as a great adjunct to post operative laser skin care. Its efficacy is undeniable with its anti-inflammatory property and its ability to decrease swelling and erythema. Immediately after the laser treatment, patients feel less discomfort which loops back to increase compliance as they heal over time. We've just scratched the surface of this stem cell based technology. I look forward to more products from this company.

Dr. Dan Kim and Dr. W. Olaya, M.D., Orange County, California, USA

For over 35 years of offering laser treatments as part of my Aesthetic Practice, I have searched for the perfect laser recovery serum. I found it in CALECIM® PROFESSIONAL. It is the perfect post-laser procedure serum with an elegant vehicle that offers comfort for the repair process.

Dr. Cheryl L. Effron, M.D., Cosmetic Dermatology of Orange County, California, USA

In addition to an improved overall complexion, I have observed increased skin tone and skin fullness resulting in a lifting effect, a tighter jawline, elevated eyebrows, and enhanced facial definition.

Our results have been consistent across a range of skin types and patient ages, with high patient satisfaction.

Dr. Ziv Peled, M.D., Peled Plastic Surgery, San Francisco, USA

When the product (CALECIM® PROFESSIONAL) is used on facial skin for four to six weeks, the skin tone looks better, pigmentation is less and the fine lines and wrinkles are less visible.

Dr. Wally Chen, M.D., Wyndham Medical Aesthetics, Hong Kong