CALECIM© Professional World Tour Launches in the East

CALECIM© Professional World Tour Launches in the East

For our CALECIM® Professional team, 2016 proved to be a massive period of growth and exposure. We began our journey at the start of the year in Taipei and ended 2016 with widely successful introductions in Thailand, Malaysia, Oman and Vietnam — All that travel, and our team is still asked, “How does your skin look so flawless despite all the long hours commuting, spreading the word, and moving through the Eastern Hemisphere?” Let’s start with the science.

Drawing from 10+ years of stem cell research, our parent company— CellResearch Corporation — has, more recently, shared its rich well of innovation and technology with the world through its release of CALECIM® Professional — the now ‘not-so-secret’ cosmeceutical line that has been received with acclaim throughout Asia over the course of 2016 — and is now carrying its weight in the highly competitive American market.

CALECIM® Professional World Tour: Our International Roots Within the Larger Medical and Scientific Fields

CellResearch Corporation, first to discover and effectively utilize stem cells from the umbilical cord lining, is currently channeling its patented technology in trials for cord-lining stem cells to be used as a platform to treat a wide-range of diseases affecting the brain, heart, cornea, and skin. For more information, visit CellResearch Corporation’s website.

2016 has been a year of intense preparation for formal USFDA trials using Cord Lining Stem Cells to treat chronic diabetic wounds. This trial will commence in 2017 and will pave the way for the treatment of other chronic wounds in due course.

Professor Brian Freed from the University of Colorado is the US collaborator for the USFDA trials, and was in Singapore and Malaysia to provide research updates. He was joined by a list of other influential scientists and researchers at a Scientific Symposium held at the National University of Singapore, who shared their most recent research into treatments using Cord Lining Stem Cells for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, Haemophilia A, and burns.

Dr. Brian Freed

CellResearch Corporation’s expertise in Cord Lining Stem Cell technology has seen trickle down effects in the development and refinement of skin care science.

Gavin Tan, chief executive officer of CellResearch Corporation comments: “While our (CellResearch Corporation) use of umbilical cord lining cells has been making waves worldwide in the medical and scientific fields, we decided it was time to make our stem cell technology available for the skincare consumer. We’ve done so by seamlessly integrating our patented technology and the science of skincare that works.”

And the market is loving it — early adopters in the clinical and consumer markets are raving about the visible, extraordinarily fast results having used CALECIM® Professional after in-clinic treatments and for at-home use.

The CALECIM® Professional team had a chance at a formal dinner organized by the brand to meet with the first 50 doctors in Asia to use CALECIM® in their clinics. It gave us a deep understanding of the medical aesthetic protocols in clinics and enabled us to know what doctors demand from a trusted skincare line: efficiency, quick results, and complete patient satisfaction. 2017 will be a year for CALECIM® Professional to continue to meet and exceed these expectations.

Over the course of our travels throughout Asia at professional expositions and congresses in the last year, we have met thousands of skin care professionals who now understand the extraordinary benefits of CALECIM® Professional for its visibly and clinically astounding results—results that draw directly from CellResearch Corporation’s ground-breaking patented stem cell technology.

CALECIM® Professional was featured in a key presentation by American dermatologist Dr Cheryl Effron, who revealed her experience using CALECIM® Professional Serum in her laser practice, at the well-attended IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Science) meeting held in 2016 in Taiwan, that brings together influential players in the medical aesthetic field from around the world.

Dr. Cheryl Effron

“I’m seeing 50 percent reduction in downtime (post laser). That is tremendous for my active patients,” says Dr. Effron, who is convinced of the healing qualities of CALECIM®, and concluded that she is very excited about continued use of CALECIM® Serum in her practice because she is assured that patients will be back for repeat treatments.

ICAD Congress

What is CALECIM® Professional?

CALECIM® Professional is a balanced, protein-rich formulation of nutrients from umbilical cord extract that oversees skin rejuvenation and renewal. This restoration of a youthful skin environment allows for it to act and look younger — It reverses the signs of aging by restoring skin cell turnover and deeply stimulating the skin’s natural ability to regenerate collagen and elastin.

Doctors worldwide have been integrating CALECIM® Professional into their aesthetic in-clinic treatments based on its efficacy and proven clinical results that target the many symptoms of aging skin. The CALECIM® Professional anti-aging system acts as a perfect adjunct to many in-clinic skin rejuvenation procedures such as laser treatments, IPL, dermabrasion, iontophoresis, micro-needling, and chemical peels. It is also able to soothe and reduce skin discomfort after clinical treatments while enhancing the overall skin condition.

Enhanced results from in-clinic procedures can be prolonged with the brand’s targeted at-home maintenance regime. Clinical observations of CALECIM® Professional’s Multi-Action Cream reveal that results can be observed in just two weeks.

To date, our team of skincare experts, including dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and medical aestheticians, have traveled to the following cosmeceutical skincare events making an international name for our brand:

So you ask, “After so many miles of travel, late-night events, and early morning meetings with some of the world’s leading skincare experts—how do we keep our skin glowing?” It’s no miracle. It’s science.©

For more information on how you can access CALECIM® Professional (for both medical professionals and patients), contact us.

Professional Serum 5ml

Professional Serum 5ml

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