RSM Aesthetics UK: Introduction to our Science

RSM Aesthetics UK: Introduction to our Science

Friday 23rd February 2018 saw an exclusive breakfast symposium at the Royal Society of Medicine's 10th Aesthetics Conference in London, hosted by a world-renowned dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mitchel Goldman, who discussed the advances CALECIM® Professional has made in stem-cell technology. The packed-out session of over 45 attendees joined Dr. Goldman and the CALECIM® Professional UK team as the unique cord-lining stem cell technology behind our CALECIM® Professional range was unveiled. This groundbreaking, next-generation cosmeceutical range is due to launch here in the UK in April at ACE Conference.



The Presentation
The session attendees heard how this unique, ethically-sourced cord-lining stem cell technology has been developed within a wound-healing medical setting (including current FDA clinical trials), before being utilised within cosmeceutical skincare. Detailed case studies outlined how CALECIM® Professional can be used to accelerate post-procedure healing and recovery in aesthetic clinical practice - for example following ablative laser treatments or micro-needling. In addition, the case studies outlined the impact of the CALECIM® Professional homecare regimen - designed to treat multiple signs of skin ageing by visibly improving skin fullness, skin laxity and restoring youthful radiance.


Thank You To The Attendees!
Thank you to everyone who attended what we're sure you will agree was a truly inspiring and compelling start to RSM Aesthetics 10. For those who were unfortunately unable to join us on the day, you can find out more information about stem-cell technology and the CALECIM® Professional range itself via our website.


Join Us Next Time!
The CALECIM® UK team would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to attend the official UK launch of CALECIM® Professional taking place at the ACE congress in London. Dr. Doris Day, renowned New York dermatologist, will be hosting an exclusive masterclass session on Saturday 28th April from 10am – 11am - outlining the technology, the potential in-clinic uses and her personal experience using CALECIM® Professional with patients. Click here to reserve your place now!

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