Real Stem Cell Skincare at RSM Aesthetics 10

Real Stem Cell Skincare at RSM Aesthetics 10

Here at CALECIM® Professional, we are working to revolutionise the cosmeceutical market through our unique product technology, which we are now bringing to the UK. We can't wait to introduce our patented and groundbreaking products to a new audience of healthcare and aesthetic professionals. With barely time to settle into our new home, the CALECIM® Professional UK team are gearing up for an appearance at the Royal Society Of Medicine's 10th anniversary Aesthetics Conference in London next month (the RSM).

RSM Conference
The RSM Aesthetic Conference will celebrate its 10th year on February 23rd, where multidisciplinary professionals come together to "identify and discuss the best options for aesthetic patient care." From presentations to demonstrations, discussions to debates, this is a key opportunity for the UK aesthetics community to learn more about CALECIM® Professional and the rejuvenating and healing properties of our globally-patented technology.

Introducing Stem Cell Therapy for the Skin  - Breakfast Symposium

We have put together an exclusive breakfast symposium as part of the RSM Conference, where we unveil the unique Cord Lining Stem Cell Technology at the heart of our next-generation cosmeceuticals. CALECIM® Professional is the only skincare in the world that utilises the rejuvenating qualities of cord lining stem cells for skin health, and it will be the first time that this unique technology is being introduced to the UK.  Leading the session will be none other than the chairman of the CALECIM® Professional medical advisory board, and world-renowned leading dermatologist, Dr Mitchel Goldman. Closing the session will be Dr Ivor Lim who will discuss the use of umbilical stem cell technology in skin healing and aesthetics. It is both an honour and a pleasure to have such highly-regarded professionals join us at such a prestigious event. It is our hope that aesthetic practices across the UK will be able to use this opportunity to learn more about the CALECIM®  Professional range, and how it can complement and enhance their skincare portfolio.

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We'd love for you to be able to join us at this groundbreaking symposium, so don't hesitate to register for the event today. You can also follow CALECIM® Professional on our new UK-based social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We very much look forward to seeing you all in London next month!

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