Real Stem Cell Skincare, at ACE 2018: Official UK Launch

Real Stem Cell Skincare, at ACE 2018: Official UK Launch

The wait is finally over! The next generation in cosmeceuticals has officially arrived in the UK in the form of the highly advanced CALECIM® Professional stem cell skincare range: The world’s only anti-aging system powered by umbilical cord lining stem cells! The last weekend in April saw the CALECIM® Professional UK team descend upon the Aesthetics Conference & Exhibition in London for an exclusive masterclass, entitled “Stem Cells in Cosmeceutical Skincare: Unveiling CALECIM® Professional”, featuring our very special guest host, Dr Doris Day of New York.

As a board-certified dermatologist and a specialist in laser, cosmetic and surgical dermatology, we were extremely thrilled and lucky that she was able to take time out of her demanding schedule to help launch our groundbreaking skincare range here in the UK. Dr Day regularly lectures and trains both her peers and the public across the world, makes regular media appearances while releasing her latest books on aging beautifully. She does all this and maintains an active role within numerous organisations and medical advisory boards. To have her here with us was truly an honour.

Clinical Skincare Recommended by Doctors

On April 28th, the second day of the prestigious London-based conference, the CALECIM® UK team rose bright and early for our breakfast presentation, scheduled for 10am. We expected our masterclass to be a busy event to kick off the day ahead in true style, but the turnout was phenomenal. Opening the session was CALECIM® Professional’s own Dr Ivor Lim, introducing our brand and our products before handing over to our special guest, Dr Doris Day. She says: “What we are seeing here is the latest frontier in cosmeceutical skincare and the result of over 10 years of advanced stem cell research and development. CALECIM® harnesses a unique, ethically sourced cord-lining stem cell technology, which has demonstrated compelling clinical results within cosmeceutical skincare, as well as medical wound-healing”.

Stem Cell Therapy for Your Skin

A never-before-seen combination of proteins and growth factors come together to visibly improve skin fullness, tackle skin laxity and ultimately rejuvenate for a radiant, youthful complexion. All of this can be achieved in as little as TWO weeks. CALECIM® Professional, which is only available in medical clinics, is designed as an at-home anti-aging corrective treatment and as a complement for in-clinic procedures, minimising downtime while optimising procedure results. It’s no miracle. It’s Science.

We have already seen an incredible amount of interest in a matter of  days as a result of the fantastic masterclass, with new clients right here in the UK. The CALECIM® Professional UK team would love to thank everyone that came along to our exciting launch event, and an even bigger thank you to the incomparable Dr Doris Day. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to introduce CALECIM® Professional to the UK! You can find out more about our innovative skincare range via our website, including where you can get your hands on CALECIM® Professional throughout the UK. Created by Scientists. Trusted by Doctors.

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