CALECIM Professional Q&A: What You Need to Know about Stem Cell Therapy for Your Skin

CALECIM Professional Q&A: What You Need to Know about Stem Cell Therapy for Your Skin

CALECIM® Professional has had a remarkable year to date. As our network grows and more people hear about the proven effects of our products, more patients are asking about CALECIM® Professional and what it can do for their skin. For our physician partners who want to provide quick information for interested patients, here are straightforward answers to the most common questions we get asked about CALECIM® Professional.

What makes CALECIM® Professional products different from other 'stem cell skincare'?

The nutrients, collagen, and proteins in CALECIM® Professional are derived from neonatal mammalian stem cells, which signal skin restoration in a way our human skin cells can understand, and in a way, plant-derived ingredients cannot. The technology used to create CALECIM® products are the result of 10 years of cutting edge research by CellResearchCorp. CALECIM® also uses a unique trans-epidermal delivery system so its products are better absorbed by your skin.

Most growth factor skin care products in the market are made with skin cell-derived proteins. Skin cells do not stem cells, even though they may have been extracted from the fetal skin. Skin cells are already differentiated and do not have the same regenerative and proliferative abilities that stem cells have.

Are there stem cells in CALECIM® Professional products?

There are no stem cells in CALECIM® products. The stem cells are removed from a culture media which is then used in CALECIM® creams and serums. The ‘youth messages’ are already excreted by the stem cells in the media.

Laboratory testings reveal lots of natural ‘goodness’ that stem cells produce in the media: these include hyaluronic acid, fibronectin, soluble collagen, and the all-important peptides and glycoproteins, a unique mix of cellular signaling biochemical messages, that are specific and unique to stem cells.

What are the active ingredients in CALECIM®?

All CALECIM® Professional products have concentrated amounts of CALECIM® Conditioned Media, which is made up of stem cell-derived soluble collagen, albumin, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid, glycoproteins, and growth factors. All of these elements work together to nourish and support skin structure and speed up cell renewal and proliferation for a more youthful appearance. Each CALECIM®Professional product also has added ingredients to boost specific benefits.

What sort of results can I expect and how soon will I see them?

In tests in the United States and Singapore, patients using CALECIM® Professional Multi-action Cream noticed lifting in the eye area and eyebrows, improved complexion, and improved appearance in areas such as the jawline and nasolabial folds. You should see the first improvements after two weeks of use, with optimal results after 90 days.

Are there any side-effects from using CALECIM® products?

There have not been any negative side effects reported from CALECIM® when it’s used properly. There’s a small chance that some skin blemishes may appear when the skin renewal process kicks in, as the skin will be shedding its old cells to turn over new cells.

What kind of products from this clinical skincare line are available for purchase now?

Right now there are three products in CALECIM® Professional’s advanced skin care line. CALECIM®Professional Serum is intended for after in-clinic treatment soothing and healing, CALECIM® Multi-action Cream addresses significant signs of aging such as loss of facial definition and volume, laxity and decreased skin density.

CALECIM® Restorative Hydration Cream deeply hydrates skin from within with naturally derived hyaluronic acid. All these products have regenerative anti-ageing properties, speed up skin cell renewal and proliferation, and help restore skin to its optimal 28-day cycle.

When should I apply my CALECIM® Professional products?

CALECIM® Professional Serum should be applied after an in-clinic procedure, or after an at-home gentle exfoliation to allow better penetration. CALECIM® Professional Multi-action Cream should be used twice daily as an at-home maintenance skin regime, using a pearl-sized amount, after toner. CALECIM® Professional Restorative Hydration Cream should be used after cleansing and toning, and after application of Multi-Action Cream, in the mornings and evenings.

How long will my CALECIM® Professional products last?

A 50ml jar of CALECIM® Restorative Hydration Cream or CALECIM® Multi-action Cream should last around two months. CALECIM® Professional Serum is intended to be used within a few days after treatment.

Where can I buy CALECIM® Professional products?

CALECIM® Professional is sold exclusively through authorized physicians. If you check our physician directory you can see all the places where CALECIM® is currently available around the world.

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