Professor Mitchel P. Goldman MD as Chairman of the CALECIM® Professional Medical Advisory Board

Professor Mitchel P. Goldman MD as Chairman of the CALECIM® Professional Medical Advisory Board

We're very proud of the innovations our team has developed and shared with patients and the medical field all around the world. From CellResearch Corporation's cord lining stem cell-based US FDA clinical trial addressing chronic diabetic wounds to the clinically significant solutions CALECIM® Professional present in skincare, we're proud to have attracted major global interest and involvement from highly influential professionals in fields ranging from biological science to dermatology. Most recently, the CALECIM® Medical Advisory Board welcomed the highly acclaimed skincare physician, Dr. Mitchel Goldman, to serve as Chairman.

Grandfather of Growth Factors

Founder of Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, Dr. Goldman is considered, worldwide, to be a true pioneer in skin rejuvenation and research. Often referred to as the "Grandfather of Growth Factors," he has gained an exceptional reputation in skincare and skin treatment techniques over the span of a career that has gifted the field with research, numerous publications, and his expertise in the cosmetic utility of growth factors. Dr. Goldman is also prominently known as the co-founder of SkinMedica.

Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman

Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman


Dr. Goldman recently shared his thoughts on joining the Board:

"I’m selective when I collaborate, but making the decision to affiliate with CALECIM® was a no-brainer. CALECIM® Professional is particularly exciting because of the extensive body of science behind it. This is the first time that cord lining stem cells — or stem cells in general — are being truly utilized in skin care health. Initial observations of the effects of CALECIM® on the skin have been very encouraging, and I see incredible potential. I’m honored to be part of CALECIM®’s medical board and look forward to our work and the exciting results that are about to unfold."

Introducing Stem Cell Skincare to the World

On Dr. Goldman's new role on the Board, CellResearch Corporation CEO (our parent company), Gavin Tan shares, "The CALECIM® Professional skin care line is backed by an extensive body of science. The elasticity and tone of the skin show noticeable improvement — not always easy for an anti-aging treatment. CALECIM® Cosmeceuticals is very excited about this partnership (with Dr. Goldman) because it’s going to help us spread the word on the benefits of our unique stem cell-derived proteins and growth factors in skin care treatment."

Currently, Dr. Goldman is conducting an Institutional Review Board-approved clinical trial to further research the effects of CALECIM® Professional Multi-Action Cream as they relate to skin density, elasticity, and pigmentation. He'll present this work at upcoming medical conferences and for publication in peer-reviewed medical literature. Ultimately, this affiliation will lead to the co-development of CALECIM® technology and application in clinics, as well as the co-development of CALECIM® Professional product range, and to further global education of growth factor technology in skincare.

Later this year, Dr. Goldman will be visiting Asia to present his findings; after which, he'll return to the U.S. to speak to the American market to further establish and define CALECIM®'s groundbreaking reputation.

Multi-Action Cream

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